Add AT RT to RRM

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What your suggestion is:

Add the AT RT to the RRM job

Scriptfodder/workshop link: n/a

Any additional information:

It would be nice to have more then a speeder as RRM and I personally don't see a reason why they can't use it.

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AT-RT is more for scouting regiments. Although you are a RRM you still kinda work for the republic so no need to scout while you have GC and sometimes ARC maybe

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RRM got the speeder that's good enough, if you are wondering why GC have an AT-RT and Speeder it's because they are a scouting regiment and CO+ can only use the AT-RT since they are not trusted with the speeder since it is too easy to kill someone with it.


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-1 it was all explained all ready

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-1 all explained, I don't think they need any extra equipment 

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1 hour ago, [W-G] iManuel said:

-1 all explained, I don't think they need any extra equipment 

With the replies I have seen fair enough but they definitely need a fusion cutter at the very least.

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With a few rules in place, i see no reason for RRM to not have a fusion cutter. But no to the AT-RT, RRM doesn't need it.

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Id say if this was to happen swap the speeder for the AT-RT as the speeder is a VDM machine for people who play the RRM job and lets be honest most people who play the RRM job are new and have no clue about how to ride a speeder or even the controls of it.

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Sorry Not Needed, You have Speeders and RRM arnt suppose to be Staying on Vehicles due to Most the Time Vehicles being Denied

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-1 Can we just get rid of RRM

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Already got speeder, AT-RT is republic equipment and RRM is just a hired merc.

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