CE PVT Magic Unwarn Request

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My In-Game name: CE PVT Magic

STEAMID: ( STEAM_0:1:65745569

Steam Name: Prime

What is the reason for your ban: Unwarn Request

How long were you banned for: N/A

Name of the staff member who banned you: Jendo

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I miss pressed a bind and got rid of it immediately after, I haven't played on Garry's Mod for months now and forgot it was there. I was in the middle of a training and my bind was 'J' the same button to get out of the ship. I know this looks bad and It does, don't get me wrong but I am sorry and won't do it again. This bind was from months ago and I thought I had removed it. Seconds after pressing it I deleted it and did 'host_writeconfig ' to remove it for good. It no longer exists and will never be pressed again. I am very sorry and it was a stupid mistake that only happened once. It would be good if I could talk to you guys In Teamspeak so you guys know how sorry I am. I was in the middle of training and was foolish of me to press it.

Garry's Mod (

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Was not there in person but I spoke to him afterwards in TS and he didn't seem malicious. I believe it was a genuine mistake that he made from a bind that he didn't mean to use. He unbinded it afterwards but it was just too little too late. I completely understand if this gets denied as it was racist but it wasn't on purpose.

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Was there with him he tried to get out my laat and it was bound to the same key. He is also very shocked at what happened

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based racism, you should be glad to have that warn 



- MP40 recoil slightly increased. - StG44 recoil decreased and damage increased.


- Bren Firerate increased to 570 from 540.
- StG44 firerate increased from 560RPM to 630RPM.
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i mean i dont know why anyone would have a racists bind anyway but it does seem to be a honest mistake tho

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i mean i dont know why anyone would have a racists bind anyway but it does seem to be a honest mistake tho

I had it when I left this server because they were corrupt I shouldn't get into it but I haven't been on gmod for ages - months - and forgot the bind was there I thought I unbound it.

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The reason I gave you a neutral is simple. Why would you have a racist bind in the first place, but since you have "removed" it months ago and only used it by accident, because your data corrupted I am not giving it a -1 either.

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While you seem sorry for what happened, the severety of that bind is simply too much to be ignored so the warn will remain. Also make sure to check for any other binds that you shouldn't be using/having, as a repeated offence will result in a harsher punishment.


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