Calt_devs Site Director Application

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In-Game Name: Harrold Williams

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:517855703

Age: 14

In-Game Time [Proof Required]:  48940c10a78864bb78e914f648bae36e.png ( sorry about the nvidia fps counter blocking the seconds)

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: I have had leadership and high ranking positions in some roblox group as well as moderation group in them as well, about 3-4 times.

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: Because I have a lot of experience in leadership and playing a lot of this game lets me know the rules, the layout and how each team works.

What role does the Site Director have on the site? To command the site and keep it in order for the council.

What is the O5 Council?: The overseers of each department, all are the most important people on site (below The Administrator) and command the site and make sure it stays in good condition.

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You are a good person and when interacting with you. You sounded nice but mature for someone your age. The issue is that it is severly underdetailed. I recommend adding at minimum 3-4 more lines for each question.

Ewan Bartmann


Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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Negative -1

Seen you in game recently

Only seen you ever play SA or any of the administration roles once and during down time

Application lacks detail and seems very rushed, which doesn't inspire confidence in you to be able to do the job well if you can't even put effort into the application

Playtime is very low which leads me to believe you have not played enough of all the different aspects of the foundation, which leads to me wondering how you will lead them if you don't understand them

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-1 no lmao

'write better application', as every single other person said

SCP-RP Positions

Sarkic Owner
24/02/2021 - 25/07/2021

20/02/2021 -> 22/03/2021

Senior Moderator
22/03/2021 -> 17/04/2021

17/04/2021 -> 01/05/2021

Lead Group Manager
1/05/2021 -> 26/10/2021

Senior Administrator
1/05/2021 -> 12/06/2021

Executive Administator
12/06/2021 -> 26/10/2021

MC&D Salesman

Site Director


Head of Manufacturing Department

Head of External Affairs

Unusual Incidents Unit Agent

Internal Security Department

Sarkic Thrall V5

Sarkic Karcist/Owner V6

MTF ZETA-0 Agent

Head of External Affairs V5

O5-3 like 3 years ago for 30 mins but i was demoted for erp with the HoEA 😞

other jobs i forgot 😞 i hope you enjoyed my signature


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