Unban request- Banned for no reason

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Hello, I was playing earlier today and then decided to login later to notice I have a ban for some reason? I would like to know why I got banned, which seems unlikely as I did not break any rules I am aware of. Thank you

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follow template and what does it say you were banned for when you try and get on the server

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My In-Game name: Honeybee

STEAMID: (76561198023074010)

Steam Name: Apsestas

What is the reason for your ban: Does not say

How long were you banned for: 7 Days

Name of the staff member who banned you: Do not know, wanna banned when I was not online

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I did not break any rules that I am aware of, nor did anyone say I did something wrong.

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Did you happen to leave whilst being arrested, AOSed or in an Admin Sit?

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Your steam ID was banned for AMRDM and Prop Abuse by Brigadier Jack

I wasn't there so I don't know what happened but Jack is a very experienced staff so I doubt he made a mistake here.

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If i am correct you were either part of a minge squad or something like that but you were early minging which was why you got banned. Not sure if you are the same person but a 212th did the samething today and got banned for a week and demoted.

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Please explain to me what AMRDM is and how was were the props abused.

I can confirm that I did spawn some destroyable props early in the morning the game there was barely anyone online to do some target practice in the training area, that is about the extent of it.


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Unfortunately I am not aware of what the word "minge" means. Honestly as mentioned before the only extent I had was so spawn some props for target practice when there was barely anyone only in the morning.

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I was not aware of spawning props as a serious offence and in general did it when almost no one was logged in and the props were mostly glass bottles for target practice.

I understand that was I did was wrong and I will make sure this will not happen again. 

Is it possible to appeal this ban? 


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Yes I banned you, you were playing as both CT Honeybee and 212th Clown at early hours this morning. For starters, if you had joined 212th you should stay as 212th and not play on your CT Job, which you were rotating between then few.

I came online and checked the server logs to see if anyone had been doing anything like this, and I had found yourself and a 327th ET (also banned) had racked up a lot of combat logs. You had instigated combat multiple times almost killing the 327th ET in various points around the base, and I think a CT was also victim to a few of your shots. The 327th ET also retalliated by going on a little killing spree of his own while you were at it. 

As for your prop abuse, I saw in the damage reports there was quite often some damaged inflicted using your props that you had spawned so I could only assume there was some prop abuse going on as well.

I did quite a thorough check of the logs and I am quite sure of what I saw. When I spoke to your partner in crime he said "there were so few people online that the rules didn't really matter". So if you are not aware of them then you should read these: 



Edited by Jack.


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-1 to this, very disappointed after doing your tryout and basics and you should wait out 1 week ban as it is valid ban.
For the future this is what you did and what they mean
AMRDM- Attempted Mass Random Death Match(trying to kill multiple people)
MRDM/RDM- Mass Random Death Match/Random Death Match (killing multiple people)
Prop Abuse- Spawning big/heavy props on players or throwing props to damage/kill players.

So next time don't break rules and read the rules like you've been told to and directed to

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very quiet after jack told his side of the story lmao


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-1 Yea what Ethan said. Wait out the 7 days.

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