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Un ban request - REX

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My In-Game name:REX


Steam Name:REX

What is the reason for your ban: LTARP

How long were you banned for: 5 DAYS

Name of the staff member who banned you: Razor[ep]

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I did not LTARP i told Mister Razor Aka Jude that i didnt i crashed in the snapchat group and he never asked me to come back on. I then Stated in Pm that i deserved the warns due to being a idiot on the droid job  which is in the pm between me and jude/ Razor. I was never asked to return to the server after crashing. I honestly had to go following the crash or i would of came straight back on.







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17 minutes ago, Rex [W-G] said:

I then Stated in Pm that i deserved the warns due to being a idiot on the droid job

This goes against the other unwarn request so this is confusing.

The LTARP ban is scuff for saying you crashed just as you released the people from what I heard. From what I know you was told to come back on and you said you couldn't. 

I see you say you couldn't come back on but you was talking in Discord and alot in other places and I am sure with a Valid and explained reason the warn LTARP could of been sorted.

I believe like the screenshots say, the CG would of saw you and was going to deal with you. Crashing and not coming back makes it seem like LTARP therefor I can see where a mistake may of happened as according to the CG you would of left for him to deal with the situation.

I cannot +1 nor -1 due to lack of evidence on either side.

Also probably best not to have people's personal names within the Screenshots....

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The whole situation is a bit scuffed imo the warns are valid however a droid being arrested due to malfunctioning is very stupid and if people were to think about the situation logically this would have been never happened. 

A droid will not simply be changed after a brig sentence and would require reprogramming or dismantling. +1 on the ban removal tbh.

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the ban should be completely removed and in my opinion you should only really have 2 warns.

you timed out which is not LTAP, you received all your punishments anyway, so you’re not avoiding anything. That’s 2 days gone.

Fail RP was part of the PME warn, therefore it should be removed.

I think razor was wrong to ban you. Especially with a HC spot open, this wrongful ban could really affect it as 5 days is enough to be demoted.

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Staff rules state that if a player crashes in brig/cuffs and doesn't return in 10 mins they are deemed LTARP. 

Also CTs get banned all the time for going Rogue which is exactly what you have done.

 what droid job were you playing as?


Because you can't cuff most droids.


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When dealling with a droid in RP thats malfuntoining, the worst that happens is that CG blasts it with a stun blaster rendering it useless or there is the point of CE doing RP to either fix it or to destroy it in general. The situation around it is pretty scuffed and to be honest better wait for a response by the banning admin. I don't understand why you would cuff a droid in the first place.


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+1 This is the most scuffed thing. This ban is like banning someone for MRDM and also warning them for each count of rdm. Its not LTARP if you crash and dont come back. If he crashes he doesnt have to reload lol and it seems like the punisher is new and panicked maybe asked someone for advice who had alterior motives and rex ended up being punished harshly for it. This shouldnt be 3 warns and a ban but more like 1 warn and you being brought to be told to stop being a retard


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Personally, I don't feel like REX is one to break the rules, let alone try and get away with retarded shit. I'm sure that he understands the PME side, and I believe there should only be 1 warning for the PME. The job abuse when switching job can't be for certain, the FailRP can fall under the PME, and the LTARP is completely invalid.

5 hours ago, Rex [W-G] said:

I was never asked to return to the server after crashing.

This too. If you crash on a GMOD server that you aren't having fun on since you might be in brig or it's 2AM in the morning, I'm not going to go out of my way to come back on and finish the sentence, i'm going to bed. Doesn't seem like any PMs were sent either to see if REX timed out or not either, so banning him for supposedly LTARPing although he crashed is just retarded.



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+1 for the 2 warn removes and the unban, as  a guy who played a lot of hours as scav I have crashed many times and been told by other staff if you crash you dont have to come back on. Also you don't arrest droids you stun and then they change jobs,  as you think arresting droid is technically fail rp as it just wouldnt happen.

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As The person who handed out the punishment I do believe that I have had an absolute shocker here due to my lack of experience, I did consult staff but it was down to me in then end. As you have agreed with what you did warn wise I believe that you should have the warns removed that do fall under just the one PME Warn. I did advise you once to come back on as the CG hierarchy needed to remove your whitelist and probably wanna hear your part of the story but you said you couldn't, from what I saw it looked like a conveniently timed Crash to avoid the CG that was stuck watching you release the prisoners but with that being said the CG wouldn't have been able to do anything but have your reprogrammed or turned off so I do apologise for the mix up. What I can also recommended is that you try provide evidence of you not being able to come back on, I did hear that someone said that they could hear someone telling you to get off after the event through your mic before you crash which I wasn't able to whiteness as I only responded to the CG's ticket so if they came forward that would help. I would also recommend maybe editing the post as it shows usernames of people snapchats from the community which they may not want public. With this all being said I do apologise to you and anyone involved as I have made a poor judgement due to my lack of experience and can guarantee I will not let it happen again.  

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After clearing things up, the ban was unjustified and therefore will be removed. But if you are unable to rejoin I highly suggest informing staff that were on at the time, that way confusions like this can be avoided.


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