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Out of Character Section - 


Steam Name: Purple Paradox 


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:228781125 


Current rank on the server: Colonel 


Age: 17 


What is your playtime: 7w 5d 00h 


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes 


Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes 


Do you meet the requirements: Yes 


Quick summary about you: I'm a good man, kind sweet, caring and all that, Ive made many friends in my time here, made a name for myself, liked by all and all that. I work hard when I need to and always to better myself, I will listen to and improvements I can make and I always focus on how I can better help the server, community and myself, Plus I can be on a good amount of the time.  


In Character Section - 


In-Game name: CT Colonel Purple 


Highest rank obtained: Colonel 


What current rank do you have: Colonel 


What is your current regiment: Colonel 


What should we pick you for Battalion: The time I can be in is consistent with Monday being on from 4:30 to 10, Tuesday and Wednesday will be from around 3 to 10, and rest of the week I can be on from 12 to 10 with weekend I can be on longer if I can, this can change from time to time, but this is mostly what my times are.  


Other than that, I'm a great leader, leading any and all battles I need to, I'm a good listener and will listen to anyone that needs help or even wants to complain about me, I'm good at understanding and will always be there to lend a hand, I can be strict if need be and will act as a battalion should when needed.  


I am friendly, being able to make most people my friends and I can get along with almost everyone, I quick to learn new things and I respect the people above me and will listen to them, if that’s orders, or complaints I'll listen.  


I can and will learn from my mistakes, if I mess up, I'll do my best to never do it again, I will focus on improving any chance I get.  


Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: Battalion members are to monitor the base and make sure everything runs smoothly. Battalion also grants and deny any request made over comms and keep order in the base. Battalion also oversee the regiments they are assigned to and will help improve their regiment if that’s trainings, helping with choices, or even being there to talk too, battalion members also focus on leading battles, if that’s a base attack or a planetary, they will be leading all the regiments to glory. The battalion members will also deal with any troublemakers in the form of demotions and ever promote some troops if their hierarchy is not there.  


Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: No 


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Yes 


What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? If a battalion is not leading, they will act as any other clone would, they would stick by their regiment they are assigned too and will help them, or if they are ordered else where they will do what is ordered of them, if you’re the co lead you will also be ready to fill in as leader if the current leader crash or something along the lines. 


What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?  Lead an event, do a debrief, lead event with voice amp. 


What is the job of the Co-Leader during events? To take over the lead if the current leader crashes or must leave due to irl stuff. 


Anything else: no 

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Purple is one of the most competent people on the server and hes also very fun and nice guy who everyone can get along with. Purple is also extremely commited to things for being a CT SO for months on end and is overall suited for Battalion



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idk y u where over looked for EXO 2 times but there is a reson and if u cant get it 2 times then well feels like batt might not be good
also with what happend to CT i dont think its best for them if u leave rn with it mostly being temp SO+. 

now on the other hand u r a good person nice not see any thing bad about u as a person its just about what i seid ^
u r likabal and a sound guy from the few times we have talked . 

i hope u go far in what ever u do my dude


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Good playtime

Been a CT for a good while now

High rank as getting colonel in CT is really hard to achieve.

Neutral due to the app lacking effort and some parts being wrong.

Also CT is in a bad state, i suggest waiting for it to recover then applying.

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-No one cares




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High Rank in CT
Good Playtime

Application is lacking quality

59 minutes ago, Purple Paradox said:

What is your current regiment: Colonel 

CT is instable af

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I am sorry, it was just my personal impression, but you apparently are.

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Managed to get High rank in CT which shows dedication and patience

Very Nice and Chill person

High Playtime 


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+1 / neutral
While CT is not in the best spot at the moment I believe Purple would fit in battalion pretty well since he is very dedicated to his regiment and is one of the friendliest people on the server. Additionally being a CT colonel shows he can keep up with minges pretty well and is willing to listen to those that are not high ranking as he is associated with them regularly. 

Best of luck Purple

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Neutral -1

- The application lacks effort shown by the last five answers or so especially and to be completely honest most of the answers.

- From past experiences and from what I´ve been told you have a hard time accepting and learning from criticism and being told no. This is important for a battalion so they can continue to improve when they´re in the learning process and their enitre time in battalion.

- CT isnt in a good position at the moment and it would be better if you stayed.

- You haven´t been chosen for hierarchy two times in a row which can indicate there is a couple of reasons for that except from what you´ve told people. 

- You are active which is always good.

- High rank in CT.

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Good Active Man

High Rank in CT

Good Playtime


What happened in CT was not your fault.

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answers wrong, not heard the best things about you

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4 hours ago, Saffrus said:


CT is dead.

You got a strike on the CT sheet kek.

Agree with saffrus and also stop responding to every -1 if you want to talk to them dm them on discord

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While personally I've never had a bad encounter with you, other people have clearly stated their opinions of you which arent the greatest.

Also, CT isn't in the best of places right now, which isn't your fault but it obviously needs help.

Also provided a fairly low-effort application with wrong answers; doesn't offer the best impression of you to others.

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Purples a amazing person never had a bad thing with him


CT is in a terrible state they need a leader right now someone like purple who will be active and do stuff

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YOU are a great person and deserve it but really... Making a application when CT one of the worst things to happen to it in a while. When it comes to the point of 6-7 members from RC and Battalion to get a temp rank transfer to attempt to keep it going. Also you recently got given a tier for breaking PTS. GIve it a bit when CT get's better and battalion applications reopen.


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old ranks;

who cares




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I think you know why, your application is fine but your actions in CT have shown to me and the rest of Admiralty that we need to see a massive improvement before ever letting you in. Adding onto that, we are going to be moving over any Hierarchy blacklists onto Battalion blacklists, including yours.


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