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The Church Of Exposure

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BaCapture.PNG.424c8cf873d055c00830cd3665814815.PNGckstory of the Church Of Exposure. 

 The Church Of Exposure was founded by Shoko Roundly in late 1946 and it was a somewhat rebellion group against censorship and lies fed to the people by the United States Government during the years 1947 – 1991, It was a hard to join group, that offered little to no benefits except the feeling of freedom and this was by feeding civilians the truth about the Cold War, things both America and at that given period of time the USSR tried to cover up, scattering to classify and redact documents that should of been presented to the people. 

As the years passed by leadership of the CoE was passed down through the honour and those within the shadowed group who had the covet to process the Truth, the craving to assist the People to know more about what goes on behind closed doors, The desire to remain unnoticed as time flies by and secrets become eye opening facts.   

Technology advanced and as did the systems the members of CoE used, from bundles of paper, books and documents being stacked ceiling high to eventually becoming USBs and hard drives stacked to equal heights, filled with information and  conspiracy theories, keyboards worn down from the typing and searching through the Internet, the Dark Web and other classified pathways online, although this organisation remains hidden but well known and they themselves are a conspiracy to other truth seekers who scowl the internet for crumbs of crucial information to their projects. Although they were popular during the early 2000s as social media platforms began exploded in human usage, as 2015 hit, CoE went dark, nothing was leaked, released or published to the Public and many people thought it was due to a previous Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency joint raid on the CoE compound which resulted in 37 Church Of ExpoThe CoE Compound- 2015, drawn by Dylan MCFsure operative causalities before the Compound was burnt to the ground... Only 5 members remained and they vanished during the raid, a swift escape of the leader and his closet companions as they were fleeing, they stumbled into a medium sized city, addressed as Ovis City, with only a Van, 5 men and little to no documents except those published online, the CoE returned to the same step as it is was when they first launched the group in 1947, they used offshore bank accounts, stolen from men and women they did not know to invest in a building, a old crooked church with warped walls, they paid for a underground room to be added, a place for their computers and documents to be stored, whilst simultaneously preaching truth both online and in person as a Religious Leader, but a religion that didn't exist, in fact it was a cover for telling the truth to those up-close. 

After the previous raid on CoE, they took up arms as they knew if they were to be raided again, it would be the end of the Church itself, although after years of gaining money and setting up and creating a sort of established foundation to rebuild again, in the year 2021, CoE realised that Ovis City wasn't the city where anything is possible, but a city hiding dark truths and on the misty nights where the streets looked empty, were not as they seemed at all.

Roleplay In-Game. 

In game, CoE would be stationed mainly at the old Church, which can been seen from spawn on the surface, they would make detailed notes on anyone they deemed fit, it would be a mainly passive RP group that would focus on more in-depth Roleplay instead of the more generic shoot-bang-shoot scenes and groups, they would purchase weaponry from anyone who sell, would not raid but more so defend their hidden talents from the public in Ovis City, purchase comms and make notes of anything of importance and could sell information to anyone that has either paid for the services or offered a fair trade. 

occasionally messing up and leaving a radio device pressed down to allow whichever groups comms we have to realise that their comms are compromised. (Typing a message for another CoE member in their comms to spark suspicion)  

(Picture below is what the computers and such would look like from the CoE) 

Ranking within the Church of Exposure. 

Leader- Big Danny G (PlatinumVIP) Discord: General Sinner#6210
Deputy Leader- Dylan Mcf (PlatinumVIP) Discord: 

Any questions or details you feel i may of missed, feel free to ask below. 
Or if this is in the wrong section


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2 minutes ago, Charles Akbar Watson said:

passive RP group

This never works on scp, now matter how much people want it


3 minutes ago, Charles Akbar Watson said:

purchase comms and make notes of anything of importance and could sell information to anyone that has either paid for the services or offered a fair trade. 

Can probably do that as CI

Change the background/Text colour too plz

Sry, but -1

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8 minutes ago, Windows XP said:


This never works on scp, now matter how much people want it


Can probably do that as CI

Change the background/Text colour too plz

Sry, but -1

The difference is the fact a lot of people do not understand how to do Passive Roleplay, CI are raiders, not exactly an underground group which focuses primarily on note taking and intel gathering, when was the last time you seen a CI establish a base and actually make roleplay additions such as editable documents instead of just running into the foundation and attempting a raid... 

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With the current roster of GOI's, I really don't see this working. 

I would be for Passive RP Groups, if you can gather a dedicated group of people to keep the group objectives rolling. 

You claim that "Information" would be the Group's primary goal. In order to achieve the Group's Objectives:

You'd have to resort to two primary methods.

  • Good o'l Espionage (Be in the right place, at the right time. Bonus points if you have the camera rolling)
  • Comms Farming (This group would rely on cuffs and kidnapping, which is a pretty hostile action. Thanks to the recent comms update.)

Then what it comes down to is that Information is time-sensitive. As well accounting for various factors. So you'd be in a constant race against time to get the information and then sell it to the right buyer. 

A small example would be: There is no point selling info on the location of an anomaly, if it has already been swiped. But you could sell info on who took said anomaly thus making them a raiding target.  

Impressions/Impact to these groups

GOC - To them you would be considered a high threat to their Second Mission of Concealment. So you'd probably would spending the your days receiving the famous CI treatment. (I can already see Houston penning. "fuck this group up" or "work with us or die") 

MCND - Highly favourable to them, you'd probably be contracted by them even. Although you'd want to sign an agreement with them to not share info on MCND if you don't want to fuck up your relations. (Which seems to go against the group's core ideals) 

CI -  Neutral, until you sell info about them to the Foundation. Then refer to GOC. 

Foundation - You'd have the most limited impact on Foundation, if you choose not to raid them. You possibly could get info, if Nu-7 make a dedicated FOB on the surface or if one of the MTF teams carry out surface operations however your window of opportunity would be quite small. (Also, Good luck kidnapping an MTF Unit amongst a team of them) Unfortunately, they also happen to the most desirable target to gather information about.    

Final notes:

  • This group will most likely end up as a pawn for one of the groups. Otherwise I wouldn't want to be the guy that deals with your relations. If you try to make yourself amicable towards the Foundation/GOC. The surface would want you dead and vice versa.
  • I could create a scheme as a Field Agent, I would constantly buy information on CI Uniforms. Thus a workaround for uniforms can only be remembered for a certain period of time. (Meaning SMT will definitely have something to say about this)
  • GOC/Foundation have dedicated roles for Info Gathering. Soo your chances as them being customers are lowered more. 
  • The fundamentals of this group can be ruined by one common problem that plagues all groups. Information Leaks. It will happen a lot.
  • You're gonna have to invest a lot in forging relationships, in order to find buyers. Which furthers the first point, as no-one want give ya a handout. 

Of course, all of these hypotheses are dependent if the group is active and is achieving what they have set out to do. 




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While i don't think there's no space for PassiveRP jobs on the server I just don't see this working in general.

It sounds cool on paper but people will get bored of playing this job after a week or so and it will just die,

Also what loadout and how many job slots would this GOI have?

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heavy -1, lemme tell you a quick story why

COTBG was doing just fine raiding foundation, etc, until its members in a meeting decided to take a massive turn towards passive RP and maxwellism. Sarkics were removed a while ago, giving them one less target which also destroyed some combat RP. For maybe 1 week, the maxwellism job was active. Then, nobody played it except for a couple saints for the network swep which made them god moded until that was removed. The truth is, people don't WANT passive RP 24/7. The passive RP we should have needs to be combined with combat RP or atleast something. Going for much more serious, passive, intellectual RP might look good on paper but in practice just makes people bored and nobody is willing to follow on with your RP. Just look at class D too: a job designed for passive RP and to be tested on but gets the slightest possibility of combat, supply crates, and they use them so much. Whenever I am in tests led by passive RP heavy members of the community, I do get a little weird feeling and 'say whatever he wants and then bhop to the nearest supply crate'.

well: TL;DR: passive RP focused GOIs have never worked, never work and never will work. Combat is one of those fundamentals in SCP RP and without it people just get bored and go. 

now for the actual job

I like the idea, but capitalism sucks and inflation does too! What prices you gonna be charging for those comms you bought? Or all that really rare intel on uniforms that someone with disguises for can know immediately? I know there are a couple exceptions to this but I see no reason CI will buy except for GOC uniforms and GOC won't buy unless there are no assessment operatives. But to be fair, it could work and I might be completely wrong? I'm gonna say neutral/-1 for the job idea itself, but you NEED GUNS and enemies. No idea who the management are either.

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