SWRP banned 5 days for a joke with a friend

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banned for AMRDM


It was a joke, everyone in the room was OOC. We were all messing around and Nate and I have this joke where we get into a random duel, I win and he comes back laughing. I got banned for a joke with my friend and that's quite stupid. Also don't see how it was RDM if everyone was out of character. Finally it wasn't AMRDM it was a single person and he and we were all OOC.

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So even if your in a OOC area rules like RDM and stuff still apply even if your both okay with it and if it says you were banned for AMRD which means attempted Mass Random Death Match so you tried to kill more then 1 person

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-1 RDM is OOC rule not IC, and as been said if you  were banned for RDM/AMRDM then you did it and admins dont ban just on beliefs or some words they have logs so they can see what exactly happened.

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Just because it is an OOC area, that doesn't mean that rules no longer exist there. After all this server has no down time. The rules apply everywhere all the time. Also you have been banned for AMRDM not just for killing your friend and the excuse "we both agreed to it" isn't a valid argument for this as even if you both agreed to it, you can't kill him.

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-1. First rule.

Star Wars RP Rules and Regulations
This thread includes:
Rules of the server
Event Enemy Guidelines
General Rules

Random Death Matching (RDM) is not allowed

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