Esoteric Order of the Red Grail

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Another event, this time using Willrick's template or whatever!

Listening to this, while advised is not necessary.

Your RP name: Jackson Strawfield

You in-game rank and level: GVIP, lvl 50

Your steam ID: isthisevenused_0:0000
A general overview of the event:  The Esoteric Order of the Red Grail. Regarded as madmen to some, saviors to other. The Esoteric Order of the Red Grail often indulges in cult-like behavior, including but is not limited to; induction rituals, ritualistic sacrifice, prayers and fasting as well as multiple others. The ESORG, henceforth referred to as GOI#0521 has been confirmed to use anomalous entities or individuals in their rituals. Many similarities of GOI#0521 has been found to Proto-Sarkic cults, although no connection has been made and all supposed links are purely speculation. GOI#0521 has proven to be extremely hostile to any other cult-like Groups of Interest and has been observed to attack them without mercy, often using the prisoners for ritualistic killings or consumption.

How long will you expect the event to last?: Greatly depends on how long the playerbase can actually roleplay without going chaotic, I would say about 3-6 hours.

How many members of staff will need to be involved?:  Depends on how many want to be involved, as described in the Step-by-step most of the members are intended to be the playerbase.

Will any SCP's need to be breached?: While it isn't planned, it should be anticipated that atleast one SCP gets breached.

What weapons, NPC's or abilities will be used?:  The ESORG will be armed with simple weaponry(such as knives and pistols), and the High Priest equipped with a Damascus sword.

Step by step process describing what will happen at each stage of the event: 

Step 1. Initiation

The ESORG will arrive, make their presence known then will hold preaches and attempt to induct players into the cult. To successfully be inducted into the cult, a player must complete an objective which varies based on the job of the player. An objective could be anything, from breaching an SCP to picking up the litter near the club. After that is done, the player will be marked with a specific symbol via PAC, allowing easy identification of cultists and non-cultists. After the High Priest and the original members decide that enough players have been converted to the cult, they will advance to Step 2.


Step 2. Frenzy

The ESORG will attempt to pull down and cause havoc across the sea, fueled by a maddened desire to capture. The ESORG members will run rampant with the converted players, hacking and capturing all unfortunate targets in their path. The ESORG will attempt to raid any base they come across, taking a tour around the city eventually ending at the base, where they will put all unfortunate victims up on an altar and promptly make the converted devour them one by one. The converted players should get a playermodel change to signify how the atrocious acts have pleased the Red Grail, and has rewarded them with a better physique(Note: No extra HP will be given). Whereafter Step 3 will take into effect.


Step 3. Summoning, worship and the last alternative.

All the converted players will be targeted with capturing anomalies entites, people and objects. Eventually rounding them up at the altar whereafter the High Priest will consume them(Britannia SWEP?) and promptly transform into a large monstrous beast of immense power. This creature will be worshipped by all in the ESORG, eventually devouring all the original Members of the cult. The converted players get set loose to wreck havoc before the Foundation deploys a nuke to destroy the beast, only succeeding in repelling it, leaving a red 016 anomaly in its place.

What RP groups (if any) will be used during the event?: Any and all RP groups are allowed and ENCOURAGED to join or hinder the ESORG.

Will any SWEPs such as C4 need to be used?: Britannian SWEP(forgot the name of it tbh), Damascus Sword and possible Conversion SWEP?


Again, feedback is heavily appreciated.

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hey plague
+1 lol

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+1 good idea

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