Give all CO's Tool/Physgun

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What your suggestion is: Give all Comissioned Officer Jobs the tool and physgun as part of their loadout

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: At the moment the CO Jobs of some regiments do have tool and physgun, and some don't. I don't see the point why only some regiments have Tool/Physgun at CO. It is not even necessary for their combat role or something. For example 327th aren't placing down any barricades but they still have the tools at CO.

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This is something that I feel like should have already been implemented. Like you said for 327th, I believe regiments such as CT also get tool and phygun at the rank of CO while others don't , which I don't really understand.


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Yeah GM don't get it for some reason at CO so its really a pain having to get it back everytime you join the server or die for whatever reason.

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+1 212th CO's dont get phys/tool gun and idk why so this would be great if they would get them.

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The reason why some regiments have it and some don't is because it was given to regiments that need it a lower ranks. Example being DU. At the time, other regiments weren't given it because of the trust and being able to abuse it easily. To be fair, it isn't difficult to make a claim and get it instead.

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Suggestion should be to take away 327th tools

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Only DU and CE need them at CO, due to them using them for barricades mid-event. The other regiments can make a claim to request them for whatever trainings they might need them. This suggestion has been denied 3-4 times.


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We get them at NCO 😎😶

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Only certain regiments need it like DU, other regiments don't need it and can just make a claim for one if needed for training.

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Takes 2 seconds to make a claim, not necessary for 90% of regiments to have them on hand anyway.

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