CE Hazardous Environment Suit

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What your suggestion is: Add a bodygroup to the CE Jobs for PassiveRP Purposes and possibly event event maps such as rhen_var.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A But I still have the pic from the original suggestion (see below).

Any additional information: It was a suggestion on #model-suggestion on discord before the channel was removed. It had something around the 50 +1 mark. It's just really something we can put on for PassiveRP purposes (Which we happen to do a lot) and possibly for use on maps with snow or something. Also has some RP friendly reasoning as Phase 2 doesn't offer much protection against a lot of things.


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Would be nice for passive rp.

But if a new model is made for this, dibs on 21st getting a variant.

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Just recolour old GM model Range and white

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No link to check file size, as well as the fact that this model is not a hazard suit and it is not fit for your RP. If you find another model that goes well with your regiment's design (it's a plus if it's already on the workshop) feel free to suggest it.


In addition, CE is not a regiment that would get specialised suits for snow, that would most likely be 21st. Your hazard suits are designed to withstand dangerous gasses, leaks and anything regarding your regiment's job. Basically a hazard suit made to be used in areas such as the Generator Room or a Core Room.


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