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What your suggestion is: WCD

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/wcd-william-s-car-dealer-8-2-5

Any additional information: This Addon is really handy because you can select which jobs can spawn specific vehicle's and you don't need a staff member teleporting to the person to spawn it in. You just need to go to the vehicle dealer and select the vehicle to spawn it in. If you don't need to use your vehicle you can just go back to the vendor and remove it yourself. You can only spawn in a vehicle 1 or 2 times per person so spamming the vehicle isn't an option. 

P.S I have this addon myself i can give this addon to the SMT if it get's accepted

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-1 Most vehicles that need to be spawned in by a job are in the F4 menu where you can buy it and just spawn it in, if not the is always staff on that will spawn it in for you legit all staff can spawn in vehicles by either giving it to themself or using Q Menu, feel like this would just be extra file size for something thats just not needed really.

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We don't need a car dealer as Aleks has stated. The F4 Menu does the trick. This is more of a DarkRP or NRP addon.

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Did you know, F4 Exists so this isnt needed

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No point as the F4 menu works fine. Being able to despawn your ship on your own without the need for making a staff claim will be nice but i ultimately think that the added file size won't be worth it.

Also, it will be a pain for staff to have to spawn the vendor in on every event map that doesn't have a clear landing pad or LZ or spawn in multiple to deal with numerous people needing vehicles in order to prevent a backlog.

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The F4 menu exists already for that purpose, also staff really doesn't mind if someone needs from them to spawn their vehicles, since they need claims. The same can be said about despawning your vehicle, it is just another claim for staff  to take which they usually take in less then 10 seconds.

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As people have stated, F4 includes vehicles/entities for their respected jobs. Otherwise, calling a staff member to assist with this is no issue. Basically not needed since F4 is causing no problems.


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