A small freedom fighter group for the Surface (Besides CI)

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I Had this Suggestion Floating around for sometime as I would like to see this being taken into Consideration, I know that we Already have Surface classes and CI but There should be another group that could have something different in mind that doesn't involve Weaponizing SCPs.

So, I would like to introduce you to- 



A group made out of Civilians, War Veterans and Police that have known about the Foundation by Photography and People within the Facility, not much was spilled as they still have yet to find more about, They found the D-Class to be considered Prisoners of war that have been tortured and kept away from the world, Their mission is to Rescue Class-Ds and bring them to surface ground where they will be given Medical Aid if needed and give them Rations to get back on their feet, they will then ask if the Class-Ds will assist them after sometime has passed, they will not order them to as it goes against Policy for the C.I.V Members. During possible chances, C.I.V. Will Assist CI with Raiding the Foundation in terms of freeing these "Prisoners of War," C.I.V. Soldiers do not know what the SCPs are and will generally be terrified of certain ones or would still consider them Human if they have the shape/outline of a Human being. The Leader of the C.I.V. is Nikolai Tomilinski, A Veteran of the Vietnam War, His Orders are simple, Get in, Get those men and Get the Hell out.

They Come in waves-

Civvies/Rebels- They are simple and Fragile. They come with 100HP and 25 Armor, They will carry SMGs and M1911s, they're the frontline members of the C.I.V.

Heavies- Heavies are the Strong yet Difficult Soldier in the C.I.V. They come with 100HP and 50 Armor, They will carry a BAR that is Strong enough to Open a Pathway to Freedom. They're the Frontline members of the C.I.V.

Hackers/Grunts- They are Fragile but Very Intelligent. They come with 100HP and 50 Armor, They will Carry an MP7 with a Glock-17 and a Keypad Cracker to break through CPs and Gates, They are the backbone of the C.I.V.

Elites/Guards- They are Tough and Quick. They come with 100HP and 50 Armor, They will Carry a Thompson and a M1911, They are the Command members of the C.I.V.
The Leader- He is Tough but Vigilant, His Leading skills, such as Boosting Morale will approve greatly on the battlefield, He comes with 100HP and 50 Armor, He Carries a Thompson with an M1911 by his side, He will also Carry a Keypad Cracker to Break through CPs and Gates, He is the Core of the C.I.V.

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This is a poor idea, with even a worse idea set for the jobs. Also what's stopping the average cop or civilian to do the same as what you mentioned that C.I.V are supposed to do? Sounds like an OP job to help rescue D class that probably won't even leave LCZ


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This seems like a really cool idea. Aside from the CI, a small freedom fighter group sounds amazing. One thing that really ties the story together, is the fact that the leader is a Vietnam War veteran. He's seen his comrades be taken by his enemies, and now helps Class D to make up for their loss.  +1

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Ya know, most of the combat is balanced accordingly to most of the playerbase having 100hp and 50 armour? (ish)

Kinda like a tactical shooter rather than Borderlands bullet sponges. Combat is pretty intensive when you know you can drop a guy in a second, whlist the same can be done to you. Soo imma say no to anything above 100hp and 50 armour. 

Also if we're going with your current story about Nikolai Tomilinski  i would summaize he would have basic knowledge on the Foundation's Mission. "Secure, Contain, Protect".

Soo what would his reaction be if on one of the raids he led resulted in aiding an hostile SCP to escape onto the surface.  

Would the lives of that hostile SCP took weigh on his conscience? If not, that would make the leader a hypocrite. 

"He cares for the lives of the imprisoned, but not the general population?"

Hell.. some people of the C.I.V.  might desert/defect knowing they are attacking the entity thats keeping the world safe.

If you're gonna write lore.. i'd develop it a bit more. Cuz you're gonna attract people who are going downvote this suggestion for not being established lore from the SCP Wiki.


"What's "SCP" about this group?" 


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It's a simple suggestion and Idea, I get that it seems overpowering and I take the criticism as it is fair that this is still unfinished, but Foundation weaponry and CI weaponry is powerful against eachother with no exact balance between them, Armor doesn't have much of an effect as two bullets will knock it out and then knock your health down with three, I understand that is seems quite unfinished and possibly will expect more negative than positive and I apologize for that, Just wanted to bring it up. If it gets Denied, I'll try a different time, add more lore into it, change up how things go and simple rewrite some of the classes on how they would balance and benefit for both sides.

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Okay Fair point, I should change the health then, they'll be 100HP and 50 Armor, and to Change the Heavy's weapon of choice, it would possibly be a BAR if that could be negotiable.

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-1 this won't be accepted, ever

no structure to it, thread missing so many things, 

no relation in lore to SCP, no RP will be created whatsoever if it did get accepted

your job needs actual lore rather than 'people who found scp foundation and want to save d class', take a look at CI and what lore they have. They have a decent motive, backstory and formation history

despite your thread half being the jobs, you never gave any amount of slots or specified guns for most, you only need 2-3 primaries and maybe a couple pistols + raiding gear for jobs

this will destroy the current balance of the server, all of the slots are done well; adding a job to help CI will make them into a super power and be almost impossible to stop considering CI is already 10 slots and can perform a decent raid with assistance from other GOIs. consider how stupidly huge the raids would be when everybody plays these raiding jobs?

don't bother changing people's health and armour, they always get 50 armour on any job from armoury, why should you deny them that or give them more?


as for advice when creating a job, ask yourselves these things:

do people want this job?
does the server need this job?
will it create RP?
will the SWEPs or job be abused?
what are its relations to other GOIs, and could they change through RP?
does it have the equipment it needs, not too good or bad for its purpose?

all of these issues must pretty much be solved in your thread, whether it be through measures to prevent things happening or promises to make things happen such as RP, giving examples of what could happen

this job achieves pretty much none of these in its current state, you might as well stop with this thread and try again on a later date, also add some formatting such as images, colours and spoiler bars to make it more organised

On 4/2/2021 at 4:02 AM, Mastervandeisel said:

I'll try a different time

create another job with some sort of relation to the SCP genre, there are tons to choose between, find one you like the sound of and do some research into it and come back with a thread and job idea. don't do this job again as it won't get accepted, this is SCP-RP and things are meant to be SCP related

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