Add hostile NPCs around the map

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What your suggestion is: Add hostile NPCs around the map

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: Make Antlion guards spawn around the outside area of Base maps for people going out of base to have encounters with them.



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Just no. There absolutly no reason for this to be added. When there is a need for hostile NCPs EPs or Exe. Admins+ would just spawn them in. To make this possible they would need to be perma proped these NCPs in just like the NPC in RCO, which would make the map file size even bigger. Lastly this would be extremly annoying to EPs who do events outside MB (which most of them do).

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Unfortunately having NPCs outside base at all time can be quite disturbing towards regiments conducting trainings, jedi dueling, jobs which spawn outside (scavenger & RM). If you would like to send your regiment for a patrol outside base, feel free to ask a Super Admin+ to coordinate an attack with NPCs. Alternatively, ask an Event Planner or Executive Admin+ to make a small scale event.

Keep in mind to use NPCs you need to have Superadmin ULX, meaning EPs cannot use them.


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