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This is prop minging? HELP!

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Commander Chad (AKA E-11 Commander) has props placed that are a checkpoint that block 076-2, 008, 035 and 106 containment chambers from reaching past their CC's. It's a pointless checkpoint which is placed strategically so that people can pass through willingly but SCP's need keycards to get through to EZ and the rest of HCZ. We all know SCP's can't obtain keycards xd. Is this prop minging or any other rule break?




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Let me make my response:

1. The checkpoint only blocks 076 from leaving his CC, 035 and 008 can go to LCZ CP, and 106 can completely phase through it.

2. The checkpoint is not useless, it is designed to prevent hostile GoIs without fake IDs from passing into LCZ, and also to restrict SCP movement during a breach (as is every other checkpoint)

3. This isn't "prop minging", as the checkpoint has a purpose and is not designed to behave in a manner that would disrupt RP or be considered unbeneficial to RP, it encourages RP by assisting in the capture of foreign enemies.

4. The checkpoint is totally within building/checkpoint rules, it only has two fading doors, is always manned, and is within one of the three buildable locations as stated within the Checkpoint Building rules (3.10).

5. Almost every day there is a keypadded checkpoint in HCZ and they are quite a common occurrence, unusual how it has only become apparent to you now that they exist and allegedly break the rules?

I believe I've answered all of your issues, please feel free to ask about anything else.


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this is the first post in this Forum section pog. This isnt even making a thread on how a RP group is abusing something but how you think a certain player is doing something wrong, for this you would normaly either complain to staff or job managers. Though it isn't even prop minging.

Bing bong blan bind bin bo go bi b 




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First of all why are u making a report on Job abuse???????????? 

-Second the Current SCP can Go to LCZ and make a pure madness or just wait out at the checkpoint

-This isn't prop minging let me tell you. Prop Minging is when you are using a prop and push people with it and do some stupid mingery stuff. Go read the rules gather some information and stop making useless Threads.


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The checkpoint falls within the rule-book. The location in which it is built, is also permissible. This thread not only is a player-report thread, but it also sounds more like a suggestion to me, rather than a complaint, since no actual rules were violated.

If you feel like that should be changed, feel free to put up a suggestion within here:

P.S: Only issue here that I can see, is the desk. Remove that server block, and move the desk. The desk acts as a funnel / prop that forces people to jump in order to cross the path.



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