PAC rules for hierarchy

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What your suggestion is: Allow regimental hierarchy to make rules regarding PACs 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A.

Any additional information: This would allow the hierarchy to say wether or not some PACs that are used in the regiment are allowed or not as theres a lot of case's where someones PAC either makes them look so messy or odd or makes it hard to tell which rank they are aka hides or add pauldrons or kamas ive spoke about this in the past in commanders chat and to the other members of CT hierarchy including our current temps

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Its a good idea, although it might be better to just make solid rules for PAC such as not changing the model to other ranks etc. I know there are rules currently but I think its a bit blurry and making a set group of rules would be easier.

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I understand your point, but staff already does just that when someone has a PAC that isn't exectly suited for his rank/regiment or just the PAC isn't following the rules, they will tell them to take it off. I am not totaly againts this idea too, I just think that just as Larry there should be an extension to the PAC3 rules.

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If someone changes their PAC to falsify their IC rank like adding a kama or pauldron when their model shouldn't have it then it's staff jobs to deal with it, if you see someone doing it just contact a staff member by making  a claim and it will be dealt with. Most PAC's are fine and don't interfere with roleplay but when it does interfere with roleplay than staff will deal with it. The PAC rules you see on the forums are outdated and/or doesn't mention a lot of things but for every section there is a lot missing and needs to be updated in general.



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Would make sense for hierarchy to have some say in the pacs that their members are wearing 

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Accepted (partially so read)

 Just like hierarchy has a say on which bodygroups their members must have on, hierarchies may now have a say on how PAC is used by their regiment. BUT this only includes bodygroups which alter their rank (for example a kama, or pauldron). Anything outside that is to be dealt by staff accordingly. Therefore, if that said member believes that the PAC is not breaking any rules, he can call staff to reevaluate if the PAC should be allowed within the regiment. Staff will have the final say.

If any hierarchy members are concerned on how a member of their regiment uses PAC, which falls out of the rank alter, they can contact staff to deal with it.


In addition, this does not give hierarchies the right to "staff" their member in case of any PAC rule breakers. They are instead to call staff to take care of the situation. This also does not mean that hierarchies can allow PACs which go against the server rules.


PAC Rules will be updated respectfully.


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