False ban

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My In-Game name: Power


Steam Name: amrpowershot

What is the reason for your ban: LTARP

How long were you banned for: 2 Days

Name of the staff member who banned you: Aleks

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I didnt even disconnect intentionally, Im in brig, My router shuts down (orange light), Wait 1 or 2 mins, And It wont go back up, Disconnects, Later: Try to reconnect: IM FUCKING BANNED.


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-1 I dont know what your showing here i'll be honest but from my point of view i'll show the logunknown.png
It shows you disconnected by user which to me shows you LTARPed
Also you were about to be put in brig for "Attempt to release a prisoners" which i cuffed you myself and I was about to put you in brig with my CG DD but then this happened

Second of all in discord you call me a "Cunt"image.png.eae75a6094c2f0dce29efb4d9fae2976.png

And you also call me the N Wordimage.thumb.png.0db0c93559a388732bdcaf4068964bc1.png

Take the 2 days to read the Rules Please!

Edited by Aleks

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Logs proved you wrong and by the fact you tried to hide the thread once Aleks responded looks like you were lying. Your ban will be extended to 1 week for your racism and disrespect and you will be muted on discord for just as long.


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