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Time and time again even on my own application and many others I see something like this


-1 Not seen you


One point I would like to bring up and again this is my Opinion, It is outstandingly stupid for an Application to be given a -1 just because you have not seen them in game It really dose amaze me that this passes for a -1 due to 9/10 It is not the applicants problem if you have not seen them on, that falls on you for seeing them In Game, If you really do believe that you can meet talk to and find out about every player applying then be my guest however I doubt that it is possible

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The point that in Position like Staff, many people really want people they can trust, so many people expect apllicants to be well known.

I can only gueese this mentally is due to the History of the Server.

Obviously its an Issue that depends on which Jobs you play, if you play more Jobs in Positions of Power (O5,SD,HOEA,Commander Jobs.....), you will obviously get well known, if you play other Jobs, you may not get known aswell.

And at the end all of "+1 / -1" is just what Players think, we had Staff be accepted who got this negative Feedback,

so while being known certainly helps alot, its not nessairly needed.

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