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096 Application

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While in CC:Must sit on the fllor and look at the Wall in a corner and it not allowed to look at the door

During chase: i am allowed as 096 to kill the People who block the way to my Target and i kill only people they look in my Face.

When target killed:I must stop and sit on the Floor

SCP-096 Contaiment Procedures:When my Target get Killed by E-11/B7 or by myselfe i must sit at my Targets spot

Test D class runout:i must kill the Dclass as my main target and when a other Guy saw my Face i must make the same proceed and when my targets are dead i must sit on the Die spot and look at the wall.

SCP-096-1 Chase (Researcher , Mtf and D personnel): i must kill then since they saw my Face but i must kill the first guy how saw my Face first and then the second guy... But its good since its a Chain reaction but i will be more difficult to recontain 096 during a chain.

GOI:When a guy who is cufft  saw my Face i must kill him and i must kill everyone who look in my Face by Accident and shouldnt ignor it

 LG Luther

Sorry for my Englisg

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Try and use the template provided fella, you need to include the following in your actual application and not within the comments;

  • Include your RolePlay Name
  • Include your Steam ID
  • Include your Playtime
  • Include the amount of warns you have received
  • Ensure your application consists of 300 or more words

Use the hyperlink attached below to see the template to follow. 

096 Template

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-1 yall are insane for even saying neutral he literally said “

SCP-096 Contaiment Procedures:When my Target get Killed by E-11/B7 or by myselfe i must sit at my Targets spot” like how tf is that a containment procedure.You need to research more into 0-96 and information around its  containment procedures also when you have finished the application in full effort and detail and after you do your research go over your grammar mistakes because quite frankly it sounds like your trying to learn the English language half of them eg my example you don’t even answer it correctly 

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does literally no one read another persons app just to get a grasp of how it should look?


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The application is not bad itself but it seems like you are missing some information from your app such as play time, warns and other information, I have seen that you responded to a comment made on the application basically adding your steam id, rp name and steam name.

You should probably try again in the future after reading up on other applicants that have been accepted to see how you can get accepted yourself (not telling you to copy past from others) and maybe been good to include a screen shot of your warning (even if you have non) and your play time with the application, not this doesn't matter if its an old screen shot just make sure it is accurate with what you have at the time of writing the application

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