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Sarkic Cult Application

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RP Name: Loran Haselby

Discord Name and ID: PapaSkippy#4881
Playtime (Minimum 4 days): 1 week and 6 days.

Warns and why they were issued (Maximum 10, some exceptions made): 
1. Don't kidnap. Befriend your target and convert them if you feel they are willing to turn. Dont sacrifice your converts without them wanting it. |:| The reason for not kidnapping and instead "befriending them" is to gain their trust before preforming the converting process of turning them into the abnormal. This rule is set in place to allow Sarkic Cultists to not be on the Foundations or most commonly, the police departments pissed off side. Of course kidnapping someone will bring in investigations and perhaps even a SWAT raid if they find out regarding a kidnapper.
2. Don't reveal your identity or abomination form without permission from an Anotessi+ |:| This rule is set in place so the Foundations suspicion stays to a minimum regarding transforming abnormal anomalies. It will end badly for the Sarkic Cultists if the Foundation starts raiding their base upon finding it, ridding or containing the anomalies if they pose a threat or generally reveal themselves.
3. SCP-2191-1 are nocturnal. They must also only kill those we are hostile with, or in self defense. |:| This rule is set in place to allow a more smooth roleplay. Basically, if they could transform at day, willy nilly whilst controlling it, it'll end pretty badly due to the fact that it will be mayham. It also makes sense and in some cases is COMMON SENSES due to it being lore in the first place.
4. Don't live to sacrifice/transform. Try to do some other forms of RP. |:| This rule is the most important in my opinion. Well, one of the top 4 most important due to the fact that it lets the cultists know that there's other things to do other than run around, slashing at people in their true form. Or secondary form as most people would preferably call it. Who wants people running around the city, 24/7, slashing at people, and possibly ending their whole career.
5. If you are going to use PAC3, ask a group management member for their permission first. |:| This rule is set into place so Sarkic Cultists are noticeable by other members I presume. Mainly out of RP. It also allows a more strict and better RP. Who wants a black man with a rubber duck on his head, right?
6. Use common sense. Breaking any of the server rules or Sarkic rules with result in tiers/demotion. |:| This rule is one of the most important rules and allows people to wake up and use proper common sense when it comes to roleplay.
7. After being 'enslaved' by the Foundation, you will lose your ability to change to your abomination form due to losing belief in the Sarkic cause. |:| This rule is set into place to allow The Foundation to not all of a sudden be so overpowered. Imagine the Foundation with Sarkic Cultist Omega-7's. There would be at least 5 Omega-7's on daily with a full server according to how many people play the Sarkic Cultist role half the time.
8. Don't cause fights with other GOI because of anomalies. Don't fight over anomalies. |:| Fighting over anomalies with GOI is just ridiculous. It's a stupid move and idea to do in the first place. This rule is set into place to allow more of a smooth aspect and roleplay to Sarkic Cultists and other Sarkic roles.
9. Randomly shooting, even if at nothing in particular, is grounds for punishment. |:| This rule is set into place to allow more of a smooth roleplay feel to the Sarkic Cultist role/job. It's also common sense to NOT shoot at nothing in the first place. Unless you got a reason, maybe testing glass to see if bullets go through isn't a good idea either. Shooting at non-players overall is a bad idea and will result in either a warning or demotion/tier demotion depending on the serveity.
10. Don't randomly gather anomalies. We will get raided |:| This rule is also pretty important, as Sarkic's wouldn't like getting raided and is a terrible idea to gather anomalies in the first place. Unless of course it's your job/role to gather them. Aka a Marshal Dark Member, or even GOI.                            

Why do you want to join?: I'm quite interested to join this whitelisted RP group/in-game role. I'm fairly interested to learn more about the Foundation and their history with the Sarkic Cultists. I already know a fair bit regarding them and I'm interested to learn and research even more. If I pass this, I'll do more research and extend my activity for this role/job. I'll be sure to do research. Another reason is so I can have a fantastic time and learn from others and my uncommon mistakes.

What is Sarkicism?: Neo-Sarkicism is a sub-branch of Adytum's Gate. Their main task is to open Adytums Gate, with sacrifices of Human life forms. Sarkicism basically the Sarkic Cult itself.

Who is Yaldabaoth?: Yaldabaoth is 'the God of Flesh' as the Sarkic Cultists call it. Their founder, Grand Karcist Ion also leads the Cult and they basically are believers for a different god. AKA Yaldabaoth.

What is a difference between Proto- and Neo- Sarkites?: The differentence between Neo-Sarkites is that they believe they have the right to usurp the Grand Karcist. On the other hand, Proto-Sarkites do not share the same interest and do not believe the same thing AKA, they do not have exactly the same beliefs.

Have you been in any other GOI groups?: No, I indeed have not. 

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So umm,
-First off wrong place you posted your app

-Second, you answered the "HOW MANY WARNS DO YOU HAVE" wrong
(How tf does someone answer "Warns and why you got them" wrong???"

- Third, you just answered in 1 sentences for the remaining questions besides the difference between neo and proto sarkites and why you want to join

- Fourth and final point, you just copy and pasted the rules and explained them which none of the questions ask you for instead of the questions that you were actually asked image.thumb.png.8b63d5cde47119bb3b1add308e5117d0.png

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