Add Wookie fists to Paided wookie job.

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What your suggestion is: Add the weapons "chewie" and "wookie_fists" to the paided job of Wookie Chieftain. aswell as fusion cutters [alydus_fusioncutter]

Scriptfodder/workshop link: It's already on the normal wookie job.

Any additional information:  I think this is a good idea since the normal VIP job has so i don't see why the over paided job shoulden't have it.



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Neutral for the fists
-1 for the fusion cutters

Fists makes sense (for obvious reasons but you do have a sword) however with the fusion cutter you will get them repairing random peoples vehicles without having knowledge of them like other jobs.

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Why do you need the fists, you have the sword which is much better damage wise as far as I know

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