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What is the reason for your warn : I was selling alcholic in the bar when a Battalion asked for it, for no reason he cuffed me and he exiled me from the base. So i build a bar outside the base and made a door so i could open and close it when i want someone in or out. then 3 CT's came up to me and asked for a drink so i opend the door and closed it when they were in. Then the quite CG  came up to me and i saw his mic saying something but the other CT's were yelling so i didn't hear anything about it. and then staff came and removed my bar and said and warned me for prob blocking.

Name of the staff member who banned you: Zab

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned : i did not know i could not make a door for my bar and Zab did not say anything to me personnaly atleast i didn't hear anything like :"dont prob block thates warnble or remove the door" no he just removed my bar and warned me

Evidence: /

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The warn for prop block is exactly what it is, a warning.

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I was in fact there when this happened,

The situation was that there was props blocking the entrance and exit to your "bar" .

The CG was trying to arrest the CT's regardless and they were blocked inside by the props so unable to be arrested.

From my point of view this warn was justified.


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Well you made a door that only you can open and Close, so that is a prop block since no one else can open it or close it. i think it wouldnt be prop block if it was fading door with buttons on each side or keypads. but if you used physgun or keyboard to open doors then it is prop block i think.

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As people stated above, since you didn't make any form of an opening system for the door to be open by someone else then you, it classifies as prop block, making the warn valid.

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- The warn is valid and even though you didnt know the rules regarding prop block, it is still a valid warn. It is just one warning and I would read the server rules again but the warn is justified so I would just be more careful next time. Next time make sure theres some way to leave for everyone going in.

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Unfortunately, the warn is valid. Please "refresh" yourself with the server rules so this doesn't happen again: 


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Okay, so i got a claim for prop block from a CG. Tp'ing over i  saw 3 CT's in your closed of bar and the CG outside of in because he could not get in. After i deleted a part of your bar to let the CG in, i did say something to you about it. I did not pull you to the side like i normally would because my main focus were those 3 ct's that had been minging for a while before that. ( all of them got banned later) 
So you might not have realized it. But you were definitely prop blocking. Oh and yes i did delete the rest of your bar because 1, i already deleted a part of it. And 2, you were a bartender outside of MB, and i didn't know why you would need to be out there.


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Warn is valid, what you and the staff member explained was prop block. The Battalion exiling you is IC so instead of just building a bar outside and trapping people in, report them to Battalion Command.


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