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In-Game Name: John MacTavlsh

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:580831374


In-Game Time [Proof Required]: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2458859404

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: One only as a LT For Security

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: In particular, my communication and leadership skills make me a great candidate for the job.  I'm confident that I can bring this type of success to this position. I am confident that I am a good fit for this position for several reasons, but most specifically because of my dedication to going above and beyond in a job.

What role does the Site Director have on the site? A Site director is in charge of delegating tasks to supervisors, and overseeing all operations, implementing all safety policies and regulations to ensure a safe and productive work environment for all employees

What is the O5 Council? The O5 Council is one of the two legislative bodies of the SCP Foundation and is the most senior of the two.  The O5 Council is responsible for the entire foundation and can pass laws

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Kaneki Frost Here!

Sorry.. I do not think I've seen you before, but the application is fine I guess. 


Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: One only as a LT For Security.

Uh... Security Lieutenant Isn't THAT high of a command..

For now... 1-



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-1 Negative

- Lack of experience, despite being a LT you’d really have better chance by playing as HoS as then you are managing people and giving orders whereas LT is just helping the HoS do stuff 

+\- Young age, being young doesn’t really show you will have maturity for the job and that is worrying as SD must be fit for the role and not mingy

+/- Decent application, lacks detail 

Get some more experience by playing as SA, HoS and other high commanding ranks like B7 commander. Also perhaps add more detail to your application 

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  • Young age not that big of an issue, however, from my experience, people of around that age do not act mature/responsible enough for a commanding role such as SD
  • LT isn't really a commanding role, maybe try again when you've had some experience as a HOS/MTF Commander/SA
  • Not really that much detail compared to others that apply

My recommendation:
- Try applying later when you've had more playtime under your belt so that you know how to handle actual leadership jobs (HOS/ MTF Commander/ SA)
- Try to be noticed more? I haven't really seen you on server, despite hanging around LCZ numerous times

P.S. What's up with the random background changing over 'job', 'O5 Council' etc 😜

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  • SCP-RP Current Ranks: PlatVIPSCP-RP Administrator, Junior Developer, MTF Nu-7 NCO, Head Of Manufacturing Department (Owner), Head of External Affairs, Site Director, The Serpents Hand (Vice-Manager)
  • SCP-RP Past Ranks:   Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, Sarkic Cultist, Marshall Carter N' Dark Salesman, Ethics Committee Member, Epsilon-11 Commander, Unusual Incidents Unit Special Agent in Charge (Vice-Manager), GRU-P, Head Researcher, Internal Security Department, SCP-096
  • HLRP Past Ranks:  Civil Industrial Union Journeyman, Civil Medical Union Nurse
  • CW-RP  Past Ranks: PlatVIP, Combat Engineer COL, Adv Medic
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