My ban was not justified.

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My In-Game name: Jxsnn

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) STEAM_0:0:453684761

Steam Name: Jxsnn

What is the reason for your ban:  I was in a sit for something I did on accident which was fly a sleigh on Christmas. I know it sounds stupid but I didnt realise I was flying the thing until I started to look with the mouse. by this point an admin already took me to a sit and I told him "this server is boring" and he proceeded to ban me.

How long were you banned for: Permanently.

Name of the staff member who banned you: N/A

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I believe that a permanent ban is a bit over-board for the small thing I did. I would be grateful if I could be unbanned from the greatest StarWarsRP Server as I used to always play on it and it is my childhood server.

Evidence: None Needed.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you can unban me or even just shorten my ban length.

Also it is sad to see because I am a VIP on here and I love to log on once every so often.

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This does sound a little... off.

Can you go into more detail with the ban, maybe even a screenshot of your ban reason?





Credit to Loki for this.



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This does sound off, as I am pretty sure that you don't get perma banned for prop flight and saying "this server is boring" to the admins durring a sit. @TOON2121 can you check his steam ID, to see what he got banned for?

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I checked what he got banned for but is says nothing which is worrying because being perma banned for prop mingeying / stealing a sleigh isnt realistic. I decided to look around for anything regarding his ban and then this shows up. 


It shows in warns that he was banned for advertising which he doesnt talk about in this application and that seems is the reason for his ban. If you cant see the image below it says he was banned by Navas for "Advertising [BAN]" on third of December. And that perma ban is then valid and justified because advertising other servers will result in a permant ban from the server.

This was on the same night as the sleigh incident shown by his warns given by Navas. I think that the person that is banned needs to think over what he actually did wrong and how he can avoid it in the future in order to ever be unbanned. But my opinion is that he should think over the fact that he did advertising for another server and that was the bad part. And sorry for the bad picture quality. I think it should have also been important to mention the fact that you were a droid during this so you obviously did it during an event which also led to the event being worse in the end because one of the ECs went off and drove a sleigh instead.


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Advertising for another community/server is a permaban simple as that, do not have to say anything else about this.

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But I swear I never Advertised, also I was not a droid I was a Clone Trooper


Edit: Now that I thought back I remember saying "this is boring, ******* is better" but I never said it in OOC for everyone to see, I said it just to that admin. Please, I promise I won't do It again.

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Kinda an important bit of information that was conveniently left out originally, especially considering you still remembered the part where you said the server is boring. Just playing devil's advocate here as it could be you genuinely forgetting for whatever reason or you just trying to hide whatever you did.

Additionally, Navas is an experienced staff member and it would be extremely unlikely for him to immediately permaban you for advertising if you really did what you claim to have said.

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you advertised and you got warned and permabanned by telling the admin the server is boring and (other server) is better, if you said it in ooc you will be even harder for you to get back as its advertising/player pulling wich is also a comm ban, you have left alot of crucial information regarding your ban, and that effects your ban appeal aswell but what i cna tell you is read the rules as i can give you here

good luck 

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I don’t think you forgot to leave out the fact that you advertised. Seems that you intentionally left it out in hopes of us not looking into it. Ban is valid and any other unban appeals will be denied for a while.

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