Ritchie Force's 096 Application

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RP-Name: Ritchie Force

SteamID:   [ STEAM_0:0:232663502 ]  

Playtime (Must be 4 days or over): 6 days and 11 hours 

In-game Warnings (Reasons and amount, provide a screenshot. Type !warns to see a list, warnings may not exceed 20 [exceptions can be made]): 1 warning for spamming flashlight. 


Have you read the rules of SCPRP and understand them?: Yes I have read all the rules many times and fully Understood them

Have you read the SCP-096 rules and understand them? Demonstrate your understanding with an example or two: Yes I have read the rules and full list of the rules and understood them all, I know that if there's a breach, I cannot MassRDM by trying to get people to look at me, I focus on my target and once he is down I sit in the exact location where I killed him. I know not to use 3rd person mode or pac but I don't use pac anyway. I will not abuse the Bypasser SWEP under any circumstances, I only open the doors that my target is behind, Also while in my CC I wont purposely sit facing the door so people look at me. Obviously I kill anyone who looks at my face regardless of rank or intent, there are no friends or ally's. Also people cannot breach me for no reason as it is a server Rulebreak. There are more rules but what I have mentioned should be enough to prove My understanding 

Are you able to play the job often and RP correctly?: Yes of course, I have had the 096 WL before and I really enjoyed Roleplaying on it, I think its a fun job that if roleplayed correctly can also benefit others 

What is the containment procedure for SCP-096 if it has breached? Explain with as much detail as you can: Once 096 has killed 096-1 everyone who is not E-11 or B-7 must immediately exit the room 096 is located in without looking at its face. When everyone has evacuated, E-11 OR B-7 must then deal with the situation, they will walk backwards in the room to avoid looking at 096 until they hit a wall or can feel 096 behind them. When they are near 096 they must carefully begin re-Containment. They will start by taking out a plastic bag or something to completely cover the face of 096, they must also securely fasten the face cover to ensure it does not come off. They must then use either elastic cuffs or Containment cuffs to drag 096 back to his Containment Chamber. They must be careful while dragging 096 back to his CC, all Foundation personnel should follow procedures and avoid 096 unless they are a Containment team. If they are on the surface then they must use lethal force on anybody who tries to interfere such as attempting to remove the face cover. Reminder that only E-11, B-7 or any GOI can Cuff 096, but only foundation personnel with a clearance level of 3 or higher may bag it

While in a test, the D-Class they have put in your Containment Chamber has run out and managed to get to the Entrance Zone after looking at your face. What course of action do you take and what do you do once your target is dead?: I would use my SWEP to make my way to entrance zone, ignoring everyone unless they body block me, once I have killed the D class in EZ I will sit down where I have killed the D class if I have no more targets left, I shouldn't walk around trying to get other people to look at me. 

While chasing SCP-096-1, you pass a researcher, MTF personnel and D-Class who all look at your face accidentally. You manage to kill your original target and you circle back to kill the rest. Is this a good RP scenario and why? (Free form question.): If they looked at my face then they are a target regardless of any circumstances such as job or location. 

A Group of Interest has entered the facility and is attempting to bring you to their base. While transporting you, one of the members sees your face, however says that it was an accident and that you should just ignore it. What should you do and why?: Then I would proceed to kill that member for looking at my face. 096 has no friends or any distinction in his targets. If someone looks at his face then he will kill them. 

Garry's Mod Screenshot 2021.04.17 -

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