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What your suggestion is:
A topic that I instigated over the weekend (to much controversy) was that perhaps RC was in need of a change due to their apparent overwhelming strength at times, obviously this was furiously refuted by members of RC (Which I dont blame them for, id want to preserve any advantage I had aswell)

In response I sent out a google form just to validate my claims so that it wasn't just me who felt changes were needed for them. Decided to put it here as dropping it in discord just seems to allow people the chance to shit talk rather than actually address the issue.

Summary of the survey so far, with a few of the most detailed responses:

EDIT: Realised i didnt actually make a suggestion, id personally like to see happen what the final response suggested, in that moving RC back towards what they once were 1+ years ago.

Any additional information:
(Yes before people start going off about it I know ill get shit for this, ive already had certain people throwing personal insults at me for threatening their precious in game power, im really not fucking arsed at this point, we are literally pretending to be clones in a star wars roleplay server, none of this should piss you off enough to get personal. And if certain people want to keep telling me im wrong then look at the numbers, its amazing how many people can be honest when they dont think it will affect their IG/OOC rank or promotions.)


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Your suggestion is pending as a server-wide weapon/health rebalance is on the talk. RC is not excluded and whoever personally insulted you I'd like you to DM me the names and the insults to be taken care of.

Expect this to take some time, we will need a lot of testing and a lot of events before we come into a conclusion.


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