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I was playing on a Friday night, it was going amazingly, me and my friends decided to join the SCPRP server called "werewolf". I was casually playing the RP and as a security guard was told to leave areas and then immediately after was gunned down, SEVERAL TIMES. I got a bit angry from this and decided to take a break and "expressed" my anger on my 2 month old son. After that incident had happened I went to the bathroom to cooldown by injecting 4 gallons of black tar heroin and 2 gallons of steroids. I was so pumped to get back on the server with cleared mind and a good attitude :) I then realized that my teenage son had been on my PC spamming explicit sentences. My anger was then built up even more from just having a breakdown and released it on my teenage son because he thought he was "funny", I then got back on to find out I was banned. I would like to be unbanned and have a sit-down and talk with the manager.



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This isnt even funny its just retarded

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Ok let me clear up a few things first, @Agent 58 and I think @Luke Ocasio can vouch for me on this...

You "El Taco" joined with your friend "El Chaco" and started chat spamming.

Spamming things like "n1gg3r", "gays have no rights", and some other things I don't remember

You were told to stop, but kept going on which eventually lead to you being banned for continually spamming in chat

Hopefully you can recover from whatever wrong turn your life took and go on to be a productive/helpful member of society 😀

So in order to boost your confidence in going outside in the world instead of being the dude that hates on everyone cause they're useless while he's the one that's clearly even more, I'ma hit you with a 


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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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-1 Not a bloody chance with the spam and amount of racism you put in ooc


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