Mike Deep application for site director

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In-Game Name: Mike Deep


Age: 14

In-Game Time [Proof Required]: 19 hoursimage.png.bf02802be9236afd45b5919b26f148cc.png

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: Beta 7

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: Becouse i see a lot of people that are my higher ups doing bad stuff so i want to warn them or something like that, and also some people want me to become site director

What role does the Site Director have on the site? The Site Director is positioned between Level 4 and the O5 Council. The Site Director can be seen as an intern O5 Council member, who works directly below the O5 Council to acquire more in-depth knowledge of the Foundation's operations and push the Foundation forward in an attempt to join the O5 Council itself.

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council is one of the two legislative bodies of the SCP Foundation and is the most senior of the two. The Council is the highest rank possible in the Foundation, consisting of O5 Councilors, an O5 Head, and The Administrator. The O5 Council is responsible for the entire foundation and can pass laws, generally approving them from the Administrative Assembly. Not all entities of the O5 Council are human.

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Too low of playtime

No past experience

Bad application O5 Council is one,most senior of the two.&text=The O5 Council is responsible,them from the Administrative Assembly. <-- this you? First result on google for "What is the O5 council"

Clearly not cut out for the role, you literally cant even bothered to answer one of the questions your self and wanting to become SD to tell people off is not a good reason. Play the server more, play all the other jobs, get to know what each of them do and become apart of the community and then try to reapply too. Reason I say this is because its clear this won't get accepted from the standard that Fixer usually has towards these and this shows you are not cut out for it. I don't say this to be rude but to allow you to know how to get the job in the future. Learn more about the SCP universe and what your role would be doing. Currently you would not be able to run half of the sites departments or keep it secure. You also should get about 4 days of playtime. I recommend playing Head of Security, B7 Commander, Sr Researcher and Nu-7 to get a feel for all of the aspects you will be in main control of. Also play some surface to see what threats are coming your way and some of the SCPs so you learn breach procedure.

Nevertheless, good luck with your application 

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Your answers seem half-arsed, you've got low playtime and a lack of experience within high power positions.  


Put more detail in your answers, get more playtime too! Learn more about the SCP foundation and the SCP as a whole too, play researcher, Site advisor, even guard to get a feel. Then try again.

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Bit harsh, felt bad

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So, you want to be a Site director to warn people? And some want you to be site director? Literally nobody knows you so why would they want you to be site director?


Both not good enough reasons


I've never seen you before and less than a day's worth of playtime would basically get this immediately denied by Fixer


Also you copy pasted what O5 council is (plagiarism)

9 hours ago, Nio Deppilf said:


B-7 is not a leadership role at all which means you have no leadership experience on the server

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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Alright, theres been a lot of -1s here already so im not going to add onto them. I'm just going to tell you how actually get a chance at getting the Site Director Job. 

Alright so first of all get people to know you and show that you are trust worthy enough to handle situations, this is especially good as a SA if you can do your job good enough to actually have a impact on the site. Also playing site administration like DoEAA, SA or HoEA (If you somehow have that WL) is always a good idea if you want to get into whitelisted site administration. 

And just to be honest take your time with the app because yours is filled with typos and just misconceptions in general, we all know most apps aren't very fun to write but its the first impression that you will make on the people in the community and the job manager that will read it. 


Best of luck if you retry, but get some time on the server first. 

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