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in-game name:

James Brukewell



Crafting Table experience level:


What job does the Manufacturing Department have On Site?:

The Manufacturing Departments job is to help any Units with  Ammo, gas mask, ammo types, m203, slams, healing nades, etc. or any other Material that help to Recontain and any other any other Foundation Process.The Maunfacturing Department is mostely stocked with the Newest equipment and are heavily guarded.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for  the Head of Manufacturing Department?:

I am Able to play a lot as HoMD i think i am fit to be in the Position of the HoMD because i like to Help other guys on the server with supplying ammo and all the Other stuff i am not a Retarded player like other guys (so i will try that i am not Retarded).I think i was a good Manufacturing Personnel and able to be a good Head of Manufacturing personnel as well.(I am Not Using discord i only use Teamspeak)


Thanks For Reading ❤️ 

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21 minutes ago, SniperMonkey said:

  Ammo, gas mask, ammo types, m203, slams, healing nades, etc.

Smh copy pasted from what I told u in-game what HoMD sell

Good app

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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