Jackie Chun

can i please get unbanned or have my sentence shortend??

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Server you got banned from:image.png.eb92f801a2c2b6bcdae528f11d8b97bd.png

Your name in-game: Jackie Chun

Your SteamID:  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198961434590/

Admins' name that banned you:  I dont know since i was banned after i logged off

Admin's steamID: I dont know since i was banned after i logged off

Why did you get banned?: i was banned for sitting on keypads as a dclass and rdming 3 really annoying people after i went a diffrent job

Evidence(Un-necessary): i dont have any since i was banned after i logged off and dont have any game capturing software

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:  basicly ill sum up the story i was  dclass that was sitting on keypads and i think the guards were sick off me sitting on them and then going in the airlock and not even escaping so then they all came in the dclass area and camped it and each time id go on the keypad they would either rdm me or rda me and keep me cuffed in one spot for 30-20 mins so i said to them "hey can you please stop killing me and jailing me without any warnings" so one off the people came up to me and shot me and killed me for no reason and mockingly mic spammed and repeated what i said so at this point i had tried to get an admin but the admin would either just warn them and or just completly ignore what they are doing even though they did it like 10+ times so i said to them hey iff you kill me one more time im going to rdm you and they said okay and killed me right after so i went the lt job and went up to them and killed them and right after i logged off and came back the next day and i was permenetly banned could i please get unbanned and or have my sentence shortend cause i think its unfair???

Anything else?: yeah this screen shot off the ban also iff you need to contact me my discord  is   Ghostez#8735

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also just something to add this all started at 9 pm and i was banned at 2 am so thats about 6 hours and 28 mins off them straight rda'ing me and or rdming me and i even called the admin but i think the admin was their friend and didnt care abt what they were doing iff i could please get unbanned i really like this server and have had alot off fun on it and spend most off my time on it would be much apreciated - jackie chun

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you were literally banned today do you expect to be unbanned? you'll need to wait a couple months atleast, then we consider your past offences and who you were generally and see if you are genuine in your appeal. if we think you'd be good back on the server and have learnt your lesson, you get unbanned. if not, you stay banned

your name having 'Jackie' in it doesn't help, literal minge group worse than captona family, spamming OOC with meetings and complaining about the server being racist. pretty much all of them NH2RP and most banned already

please no more jackies ever


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2 hours ago, Nathan Dixon said:

i mean i get what your saying and most off the jackies were dclasses and im kind off the leader off them but still i only said we need to do jackie meetings is to get everyone together since everyone else was scattered around dblock looking for items cause thats what i said to them



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I had been monitoring your behaviour for a couple of days, before I decided to ban you. I don't ban for NH2RP often, but I was certain in your case. Your behaviour in-game was constant mingery, and you micspammed constantly, after being verbally (and properly) warned by me and other staff several times. I'm fairly sure you started this whole "Jackie" family thing, and it is a pain to deal with in the server. 

You demonstrated through your behaviour in game that you are not here to roleplay, and I therefore banned you for it.

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i only minged when i was a dclass i never minged while i was a guard or any other type off job i was only having fun with others and the only time id mic spam is when it was neccesary to make something funnier just beacause my mics loud and i cant fix it dosnt mean im constantly minging and mic spamming for no reason i like serious rp dont get me wrong but it dosent have to always be serious sometimes its better to let off some steam and have some fun you dont know what could be going on in a persons life and that could be their only way to relive the stress by having fun with others you just take stuff to seriously and you need to chill out in my opinion.

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also iff i was unbanned id probably stop this jackie thing and would take into account what your saying and wouldnt mic spam and would follow the rules iff i knew it was more serious i would have taken it that way im very sorry for what i did i enjoy my time alot on the server and its extremly fun but ill tone down the mingery iff im unbanned @Luke Ocasio

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3 hours ago, Jackie Chun said:

i only minged when i was a dclass 

2 Things.

1. You minged in front of new players which kinda instigates other D-Class to minge too.

2. Minging is still minging regardless of job.



Luke's judgement is more light and forgiving. If he banned you for NH2RP, I'm sure you are not fit to return to the server.


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