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(IG)Documentation: Crosstesting 049 & 294

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<//Log Entry\\>

Date: 22/04/2021 - 02:11 UTC // 02:11am UTC

Leading Researcher: Sr. Researcher - Dr. Lyren Trou / CL3

Subjects: N/A

Involved Security: E-11 Containment

SCPs Involved/Used: 049 & 294 (1x Beer, 1x Coffee, 1x Music, 1x Oil, 1x Apple Juice, 1x Orange Juice, 1x Water, 1x Soda)

Supervised by: SA, HR


Documentation Start:

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Hello 049, how are we doing tod-

**SCP-049:** Hello doctor, I've been waiting for you. . 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Oh uh, how so? Nobody should've notified you about today's procedures. 

**SCP-049:** I've had a feeling.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Well, alright. .  Anyway, how are we-

**SCP-049:** -doing today? Yes, I am fine indeed. Very excited about today's test actually.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** That is good, I suppose. .  I have heard that you ar-

**SCP-049:** -in a good mood and cooperative today? Yes, I am. As mentioned, I am excited about today's procedures. 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Alright then, I won't let you wait any longer. We shall begin.


A basket with 8 different cups, filled with 294s liquids, have been brought in. All cups have been rechecked for anything unusual and then been placed on a table.


**SCP-049:** What are these, doctor?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** A couple of liquids we will be using today. Don't fear, none of these liquids are harmful and you can choose to drink them or not.

**SCP-049:** That sounds alright. I don't think you just want me to drink them, do you?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Yes, indeed. You excellently observe as always. All of these liquids are liquids, you should have never come in touch before. At Least not as far as we are aware. I want you to take a look at each liquid and tell us what you think about them. What you observe. Any unusualities. Any possibly anomalous things. Can we do that?

**SCP-049:** Yes, of course. That sounds like fun. I assume you want me to check them for such things as I also use my own, for you unknown liquids. Right?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Yes, indeed. Also, a side question as you have just mentioned it. Are you still not willing to give us your li-

**SCP-049:** No. *049 turns away from the glass*

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** *sigh* I could have figured. Anyway, let's get to the actual test, shall we?

**SCP-049:** *049 turns back to the glass* Yes, please.



Dr. Lyren Trou hands the E-11 unit the first cup which is filled with Apple Juice. 

The E-11 unit enters SCP-049s Containment Chamber and places it on the table, next to 049s personal utility, which after he leaves the Containment Chamber.


**SCP-049:** Don't touch my tools please. 

**E-11:** *looks at Dr. Trou in confusion after leaving the Containment Chamber*

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Yes, no worries. He won't touch anything. *whisper towards E-11* just take care, alright?

**E-11:** *nods*

**SCP-049:** This liquid smells interesting and certainly looks like pee. .  Are you really expecting me to drink this, doctor?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** It is up to you which given liquids you consume and which not. We won't be forcing you *coughing especially as we can't coughing*. However, I can assure you that this is certainly not pee or anything alike.

**SCP-049:** I'll trust you as my fellow doctor on this.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Lovely to hear, indeed. Now, how does it taste? Anything unusual about that?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** 049, are you alright?


SCP-049 took a large sip from the cup of apple juice and remained quiet for a couple of minutes, seemingly unresponsive and not conscious anymore. SCP-049 breaks the silence in the form of moving away from the window and sitting down on his table. . 


**Dr. Lyren Trou:** 049, can you hea-

**SCP-049:** This is apple juice. .  I have consumed this before back in the year 1700. Somewhere within that century. 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** I didn't know that. . Indeed, very intere-

**SCP-049:** Though, I don't recall it tasting as horrible as what this is. .  Oh my, I'm getting a headache. .  This is the first time ever since I turned into. . Who I am today. 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** A headache you say? That is very unusual. .  I didn't think you could be in such condit-

**SCP-049:** Yes, it is very rare for that to happen. I usually don't undergo any changes as my vitality and metabolism are both very stable. Thus, I just have mood swings whenever I sense the presence of the pestilence. .

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Alright alright. .  Anything else about that apple juice? Anything unusual

**SCP-049:** Well, yes. .  I can't quite tell you what as I know you won't understand but something is very off about this apple juice. .

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Noted. . Well, let's proceed. Your next cup, here.


Dr. Lyren Trou hands the E-11 unit the second cup which is filled with Soda (Sprite). 

The E-11 unit enters SCP-049s Containment Chamber, places it on the table, and leaves again.


**SCP-049:** I've seen this already and I always wanted to get a taste of it. Many members of this foundation are consuming it on a daily basis.



**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Yes you are right, 049. This is a cup of Soda. To be clear, Sprite. Sprite is a soft drink from today's time. It's basically sugared water with lots of different flavors depending on which kind of soda you drink.

**SCP-049:** That sounds very interesting. It sparkles like a campfire. Just, it isn't hot at all. Where is this movement, this sparkling coming from? From acid? 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** And once again, you are just right. We humans add harmless carbonic dioxide to many drinks for this sparkling effect. We call this “carbonated” liquid. 


SCP-049 takes a big sip and finishes the cup within seconds.


**SCP-049:** That is really refreshing. Delicious you could say! How wonderful.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Back to my questio-

**SCP-049:** No, nothing is *burp* off. *cough*

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** That is a new one. Burping. You've never been observed doing that before. 

**SCP-049:** I prefer sticking to my embellishments. However, I could just not resist this time.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** I see. 

**SCP-049:** May you hand me my next drink, doctor? 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Yes, of course.


Dr. Lyren Trou hands the E-11 unit the third cup which is filled with Oil. 

The E-11 unit enters SCP-049s Containment Chamber, places it on the table, and leaves again.


**SCP-049:** What is this. . ? As black as mud. Sticky as glue. 


SCP-049 once again takes a big sip. SCP-049 stands in the corner of his cell for a moment before he walks over to the other side and starts to move unusually.


**Dr. Lyren Trou:** 049, what are you doing? Are you alright?

**SCP-049:** I am- . .  What d-did you give me- doctor??


SCP-049 kneels down and falls onto its hands which after it proceeds to vomit, another never seen behavior.


**MTF-E11:** *look at Dr. Trou in shock and whispers* This is not normal, why would you give 049 Oil? Wasn't the only condition you had to stick to, to not give it anything it could be hurt by??

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** *whispers back while aligning his glasses* Don't worry, oil in such little amounts is not even harmful for humans. While it was not expected for 049 to vomit, hell be just fine.

**SCP-049:** *walks back towards the glass* this is. .

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Oil. A product of nat-

**SCP-049:** nature. . A chemical substance found underground. It takes years over years for the earth to produce it. 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** How do you know that, 049? This should have been your first time ever coming in touch with oil, wasn't it?

**SCP-049:** You wouldn't understand. And yes, it was.


SCP-049 seems to be mentally connected to anything beyond our understanding. SCP-049 seemingly gets knowledge out of nowhere after coming in touch with them. This is an interesting behaviour and we will have to look further into that as we have never observed anything like that before.


**SCP-049:** Doctor? Please, don't ever hand me oil again.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Don't worry, this was for testing purposes only. You won't ever come in touch with said liquid again. Not intentionally at least.

**SCP-049:** *nods and looks at the last four cups*

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Alright, we shall proceed. Here MTF, take this cup in next.


Dr. Lyren Trou hands the E-11 unit the fourth cup which is filled with water. 

The E-11 unit enters SCP-049s Containment Chamber, places it on the table and leaves again.


**SCP-049:** This looks and smells like water. I suppose this indeed is water?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** I thought I'd give you something neutral after that oil. To clear out your mouth and throat, you know?

**SCP-049:** Very thoughtful of you. I'll take this.


Once again, SCP-049 takes a sip of the water. Just a small one at first in order to clarify it really being water. Then it empties the cup quickly.


**Dr. Lyren Trou:** How do you feel? I hope this can calm your stomach. 

**SCP-049:** This is in fact just normal water. Really refreshing after that oil you give me. Before you ask, no. Nothing is off about this. This tastes, smells, and is indeed just a normal cup of water. At least to my observation. 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** O- uhh, okay. Yes, thank you. This speeds up the process a fair bit. Here, your next cup.


Dr. Lyren Trou hands the E-11 unit the fifth cup which is filled with coffee. 

The E-11 unit enters SCP-049s Containment Chamber, places it on the table, and leaves again.


**SCP-049:** Hmm, this smell. It is so warm, delightful. 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Lovely to hear that. Well, it was kind of expected as you at least used to be a human. At some point. Most of us consume this on a daily basis. Some more often, some less often.


SCP-049 takes a sip and looks surprised at Dr. Trou.


**SCP-049:** Wow, this is just. .  Delicious! I feel the energy going through my body. Just like electric impulses.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** *chuckles* Yes, we think so too.

**MTF-E11:** Most of us do. .

**SCP-049:** Not a coffee fan, I see.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Did you just say coffee?

**SCP-049:** Yes I did. That's what it is, isn't it?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** I mean, yes it is but I have not mentioned that word in any form.

**SCP-049:** No, you didn't


SCP-049 once again, shows signs of him gathering knowledge from something or somewhere secluded. 


**SCP-049:** Made out of coffee beans from all around the world. . Please doctor, greet me with such a cup every now and then. I'd really appreciate it!

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** I'm sorry but this will most likely not be possible. I can try and give you a cup of coffee every once in a while but I won't promise anything.

**SCP-049:** I thought you'd say something along those lines. What a pity.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** *looks at the MTF and then at one of the two cups*


MTF-E11 grabs the sixth cup and once again makes his way into SCP-049s Containment Chamber. He places down the cup of beer onto the table and proceeds to leave.

SCP-049 chugs down the cup before Dr. Trou could say anything.


**SCP-049:** Gross. .  I still can't believe I used to like this. I can't believe humans like this. Just, absolutely bitter.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** You used to like this?

**SCP-049:** Yes, indeed. Back in my humanoid form, when I was still a farmer, I drank some beer every now and then. It was very pleasurable back then but I couldn't find any joy from drinking beer ever since I turned into who I am.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** This is very interesting. I'll be noting that down obviously. Well, do you feel unusual? Maybe a bit tipsy or anything. This cup should have been very alcoholic and would knock out most humans within a matter of minutes.

**SCP-049:** We've got just one cup left. I'd like to get this done as i am slowly getting bored of this, doctor.

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Yes, I understand 049. *nods at the MTF*


MTF-E11 grabs the seventh and last cup of liquid music and delivers it onto SCP-049s table.


**SCP-049:** What, what is this doctor? 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** I was hoping that you would come up with an assumption. .

**SCP-049:** This. . I have never seen or smelled anything like that before. . 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Feel free to drink it, 049.


SCP-049 drinks the cup slowly and in little sips. SCP-049 begins to “pulsate” and proceeds to dance shortly after. Both, the MTF-E11 and Dr. Trou begin to chuckle, and a wide grin forms on each of their faces.


**Dr. Lyren Trou:** 049, what are you doing?

**SCP-049:** *unresponsive*

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Uh, 049? Are you alright?

**SCP-049:** *unresponsive*

**MTF-E11:** Doctor?

A couple of minutes pass and SCP-049 stops to dance. It breathes heavily out of exhaust and has to pillar on its arms.


**SCP-049:** What has just happened? What was that?

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** This was-

**SCP-049:** Pure alcohol? It tasted like pure alcohol but it was so sweet. . Something I could not have imagined, ever consuming. However, after that, I kind of blacked out you could say. I saw my past, I fell into a daydream or something similar. I saw her. . 

**Dr. Lyren Trou:** Her? Who is her?

**SCP-049:** A wonderful woman who had to sacrifice herself to get rid of the pestilence. And my girl. . The one immune to the pestilence. . 


A tear flows down SCP-049s spout and light sobbing can be heard through the glass.

Both, the MTF-E11 and Dr. Trou look at each other in confusion and disbelief while SCP-049 makes its way to his table. SCP-049 stops responding in any way. In addition, SCP-049 refused to talk to Dr. Trou for a couple of days. Such sentimental behavior has never been seen before and was not expected to be ever seen by SCP-049. 

SCP-049 seems to have blacked out and fallen into some kind of trance throughout the effect of liquid music. According to what SCP-049 said, we can assume that this particular 294 liquid is anomalous or druglike and can set a subject into a daydream a-like state. It apparently visits its past. 

From both, the beer which did not affect SCP-049 in any way, and the liquid music which did only affect SCP-049 for a couple of minutes, we can assume that SCP-049s metabolism is very strong and fast. 

Accordingly, liquid music does not put a subject into a never-ending dance. The lifespan of us humans just is too short to ever completely get rid of the effect of liquid music.

However, this is just a straight assumption. As of now, we can not prove or disprove that. Further testing can be made to find out more about both, SCP-049 and SCP-294.


<//LOG END\\>



Here are the notes i took throughout the RP and this whole documentation is based on. This is not formatted or anything. Just personal notes i took.


049 reports to have a headache after drinking 294s applejuce.
In addition, according to 049, something is very off about 294s apple juice.
049 reports to have the urge to burp after drinking soda.
While this is natural to us humans, 049 has never burped before.
Most likely as it has never consumed soda before.
049 vomited after drinking a cup of oil. 
water was normal
049 described the coffee as extremely strong and almost electric.
049 described the beer as very bitter and not pleasant at all.
049 started to dance after consuming liquid music for a couple of minutes. 
It described the liquid as very alcoholic but also extremely tasty.
049 stopped to dance where as we humans, would dance identfiely.
049 described to be overwhelmed by energy and euphoria. 
However, 049 did not even realize that it was dancing.
apparently it was in some kind of trance throughout 294s effect.


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