I was banned, at this time, from all WG server. Did I get a community ban? ( Hasler )

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Server you got banned from: All server that WG owns. I assume that I received a community banned?


Your name in-game: Lukas ( Hasler ) 


Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:120454794 


Admins' name that banned you: -:-


Admin's steamID: -:-


Why did you get banned?: Not sure.


Evidence(Un-necessary): -:-


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I enjoy jumping on and having a swell time, furthermore meeting new people. It's an escape for me, and I would love to return if I had not received a community ban. Ethier way, I am not certain why I should be banned. I was a part of this community for approximately five years now, and over that time, I never tried to harm it. I supported it and made a lot of good friends on it. But never the less I will say  

  • I am sorry — this including anything that I am missing from right now, by expressing my apologies to you. 


Anything else?: Thank you for you're time

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