Archer's Seventh Battalion Application

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Out of Character Section -

Steam Name: Ellis4149

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:431238619

Current rank on the server: CE Colonel, Plat VIP

Age: 15

What is your playtime: 21w 6D [At the time of Righting]

Do you have a microphone: is it good quality: Abit glitchy, But fine now

Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: I've read it multiple times

Do you meet the requirements: Yes

Quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum)I am a Growing Lad in the UK, Currently being one of my School's Lead Digital Leader Scheme. Aswell as working on Other School Schemes [All just more and More Boring].
Aswell as having many School Responsibility's. I have many at home such as Cleaning out my Shed aswell as looking after my Ginger Cat,

With my Certain Choice in Life, I've been given multiple Weeks to play GMOD... And i spent that Time playing Werewolf climbing up my ranks, 
From CT LCPL - Jedi Sage To then CE TRP to CE Colonel.
As my over-6 Months as Colonel, I've learned to Respect the Authority of Battalion/Admiralty and Had always admired from CT LCPL to join Battalion.

In Character Section -

In-Game name: Combat Engineers Perficent Flight Trained Colonel Archer

Highest rank obtained: Trial/Temp EXO

What current rank do you have: CE Colonel

What is your current regiment: Combat Engineers

What should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum)

I believe i should be picked for the Prestigious Role of battalion due to my 3702 Hours on the Server [22 Weeks, 6 Hours] aswell as my Long time Role as CE Colonel. I've got to know alot of Members of the Community and Gained a Positive characteristic.
I've had alot of Time to evaluate Strategy and Tactics that is compulsory to know in a Modern Battlefield .

With my time in Battle Strategy games tells alot of Tactics, With my use of Combat Tactics within the GR and Open Training
allows me to continually update it to be more effective. I believe that these Tactics can be applied on the Greater front and Allow for
the Ability to Defeat/Defend the Base against B1 Battle Droids.

Along with this i have a Calm and Collect Nature and a Overall Calm Manor of Speaking, I also have a High Role within my Schools Digital Leaders program showing i have the Ability to get to Trusted Levels of Authority. I also have Reached the High High Level of Class Ambassador. 

With all of these Factors in Mind, I believe i am a Solid candidate for the Battalion officer Cadet Position within Battalion.

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum)

The Responsibility's of Battalion is to make sure each Regiment has something to do like ETC; Marching/patrolling.
Battalions is also responsible of the Bases Operations, This Includes allowing Permission to claim TR's [For Training], Allowing Permission to take off and Land and More. 

Battalion also have a duty to host trainings for their Regiments that includes Breach [If 104th/501st] Or Flight Training [CE]. aswell host open trainings to increase the base combat Performance level. Battalion should also make aware that misbehaving on base will results in arrests, With this they should also make sure each arrest is legitimate and fair.

Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: (If so, explain why )I've never been Banned, I have though been Kicked for AFK on Full Server and Demoted from Jedi and CT for Inactivity 
[But that was at least a Year ago for the CT One]

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank:
I do Understand that Battalion is a Disciplined Rank, I also Understand Battalion holds a High Rank of Honour and Respect.

What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? (IN DETAIL)
Battalion during Combat should be with the Regiment they Supervise, They should help Lead their Regiment but allow the CO of the Regiment to actually Lead them. Battalion should not frontline on their own and should
have a Squad of Clones to Protect them, If your Leading the Event you should stay in the Backlines to Direct Orders more Safely.

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?
The Three Duties of a Battalion Officer cadet is:
1. Lead a Event through Advert
2. Complete a Successful Debrief
3. Complete a Training that Includes Faces and Formations [AKA a Mando]
They then have to Wait until the Next Batt Meeting to the Promotion of Battalion Officer.

What is the job of the Co-Leader during events?
The Job of a Co-Leader is to Assist the Leader in Granting EQ aswell as a Backup incase the Main Leader has to Leave OR/ Crashed,
The Co-leader should also been in the Same TS Channel for Easier Communication if Complications arise.

Anything else: Peace in our time

Edited by Archer

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You are a great guy with a lot of playtime and I do think you have the knowledge to join battalion. Being in Ce for such a long time aswell show me that dedicated to your regiment.

The only reason I decided putting +1/neutral on it is because you are missing the first part of the the batt application. Like whats your age? Do you have a good mic? You are also missing steam name and steam id. This tell me that you didnt put in a lot of work into the app and didnt check it before you published it. 

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@Cool BobbyThanks for Noticing that, i didnt actually see that. Thanks though for the Feedback

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I think this is a hard one to give a good opinion on. You have been colonel for very long in CE, like really long which shows you got dedication and you are trusted but on the other side you haven't been hierarchy (yet) and you have been in CE for over a year(!). Thus indicating you aren't trusted/good enough for hierarchy even when you have been in the regiment for over a year. So why would you be good for battalion?

Given this fact I think you should be given a shot. You have been in CE for over a year, you have amassed a ridiculous amount of time on the sever thus you are a very experienced player and this is your seventh battalion application. That shows some crazy dedication and will probably result into you watching yourself from doing something stupid. 

Anyway good luck and perhaps you will get it this time.  

Edited by Jeka

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You indeed have a lot of eperience, but you haven't been hierarchy yet.

You are very devoted to becaming Battalion.

CE isn't exactly in the best shape now, but I am not gonna prevent you from becaming Battalion.

Good luck.

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Shows dedication to CE, has had many temp/trial EXO periods which shows he's competent and trusted, very active great playtime. Give the man a chance already.

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+1 reasons stated

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He has 22w playtime so he would know what to do and what not to do

Good application

Has applied 7 times showing dedication

7th Time Lucky

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Seems dedicated for the role, active and i guess does well in CE. He sometimes fucks up but not that much

Attitude is still somewhat of a problem, also i don't like the fact that you sometimes post videos of everyone who crashes every single time in your discord channels

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as much as he fucks shit up he knows how to fix it and 22w of playtime like wtf


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About damn time you let Archer into Batt.

7th app so clearly dedicated.

An insane amount of time spent on the server, clearly experienced.

16 hours ago, Jeka said:

Thus indicating you aren't trusted/good enough for hierarchy even when you have been in the regiment for over a year. So why would you be good for battalion?

Only Concerns for me are what Jeka said above and how CE would fare after losing one of it's longstanding SOs, especially in the shape its currently in. I can't speak on what Jeka said because I don't really know you personally but everyone else has given positive feedback about your trial periods and to be fair, CE hierarchy has been very stable during your time in the regiment. Also, I don't think you should be prevented from achieving Battalion because your regiment is in a downturn, especially this time of the year.

Either way, best of luck.

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Seen you play daily for around a year as long as I can remember. Also you dont have a terrible mic anymore which is good. Additionally has gone a long way from what he had been. Seems like a nice person with what small interactions I've had with him. 
Good luck!

Edited by Hogus

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- Extremly high playtime

- 7th time applying shows that he has dedication for the rank

- Is trusted and he knows what he´s doing

- Give him a chance at the very least because he deserves it at this point

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DUDE why are you not either hierachy nor batt yet man 


dedicated to join batt as thats what he always wanted

he got some up and down in the past but overall he is a great guy

If your brother can get hierachy you can defo get batt i believe in you 😄

Good luck mate 

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You have been accepted into Battalion, contact a member of Admirality for an interview


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