FLASH's Battalion App

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21st FLASH’s Battalion Application.


Out of Character section-


Steam Name: 



Steam ID: 



Current rank on the server: 






What is your playtime: 

It is 2 Weeks and 3 days 4 hours.


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: 



Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: 



Do you meet the requirements: 



Quick summary about you: 

I really enjoy playing SWRP and as I have spent all my time on the server with 21st and the old GM, I feel like my time is starting to come to an end with them. I always strive to be the best I can all the time. Whilst playing the server i have developed many skills, including Communication skills, leadership skills, team working skills etc. I play CS GO or Skate when i'm not playing Gmod, but spend most of my time playing SWRP. 


In Character Section -


In-Game name: 21st CPL FLASH.


Highest rank obtained: 



What current rank do you have: 



What is your current regiment: 



Why should we pick you for Battalion: 

You should pick me because I feel like I have earnt respect in my regiment and with many other people. Throughout my time on the server my skills set has widened consisting of great communication, Good leadership, excellent teamwork. Becoming a Part of battalion would allow me to even further and show off my extensive skill set and also to try something new. Becoming a part of battalion has been something that I have strived to achieve throughout my whole time on the server. Becoming a part of the battalion would allow me to have many more responsibilities and as i progress to be more respected and it will also help me show my extensive skill set and will let me work towards another goal. From first starting as a CT and passing my tryout to become a 21st and then working my up the ranks to COL.

Being in GM for this long has shown me how to lead the clones and how to do it properly and as I have progressed I have learnt all of the skills that come with being a good leader. Being a part of GM for this long has also given me enough skills and experience to bring an excellent standard to the battalion and to show its superiority. 


Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion:  

Whilst on defcon 5 the battalion should always walk around to act superior and make sure knowone is breaking any rules and should always keep peace amongst the clones. If you are highest on you should be granting or denying requests. As a member of the battalion you should also be making sure the cadets are being trained and to do training with your regiment whenever you can.


When you are supervising your given regiment you should always try to have regular talks with the hierarchy to show you want to have a good friendly relationship with them and when given permission by hierarchy to do tryouts to keep the regiment as active as possible. You should also be making sure that the regiment is running as smoothly as possible.


When leading an event you should call all clones to the main courtyard or the Main hangar bay (if it is a planetary) and give orders to regiments to suit their roles . When leading you should make sure the event goes to plan and everyone is as effective as possible whilst making sure the casutiles are reduced to a minimum. 


Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: 

I got Banned once for being a minge over a year ago but i left the server and have come back recently to play seriously. I learnt from my stupidity I feel as if I am ready for Battalion. 


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: 

Yes. I understand.


What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading?

-Should stay in comms with the other battalion (Especially the leader) and give helpful callouts.

-Give out smaller orders to make the leaders life easier and things that regiments should be doing already.

-Use your equipment to reduce clone casualties and ensure a quicker defeat of the enemy.

-Help out the leader when needed.(to relay orders to the other regiments)


What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?

-Leading a base attack event.

-Hosting a debrief after the base attack.

-Hosting a mandatory training with a regiment.


What is the job of the Co-Leader during events?

-Grant/deny small things

-following orders properly

-telling the clones the orders that have been given out.


Anything else:

If there's anything wrong please contact me on Discord or TeamSpeak.

My Discord is Peep#0666

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Current ranks

OS Squad Leader

CWRP Senior Admin

Previous ranks

Minge Squad

212th SGTM

501st SGT

GM Temp VC

41st Temp VC



104th Temp ARC COL

Jedi Warlock


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I'm sure you are a cool guy, but you are only CPL and got kicked almost a year ago for inactivity. I think it would probably be best waiting to get SO again. After all, 9 months is a pretty big break.

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[WW2 1943RP]
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ST TRP "4625" | JT Corporal | IE BFT PFC501st PFC
 Rebel Alpha Group Major

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Not to sound rude, But I've haven't actually seen you on the Server or heard about you at all.

May be a Idea to get yourself more known

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  • Imperial Head Medical Officer
  • Pyke Syndicate Elder
  • T-RP Administrator
  • CE Colonel
  • Jedi Guardian/Consular
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Really low rank. Your playtime is decent but you are only a corporal, haven't seen you around really and i think you just came back

Get a higher rank first 

-Past Ranks

-No one cares




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- Get a higher rank so we can see that you´ll be dedicated to your ranks.

- Low playtime 

- I dont know who you are but I presume that youre the Flash that joined 74th and I must say that you´ve improved since then which is good.


Current Ranks


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We unfortunately don't think you are the best fit for battalion. For more information about your denial message Battalion command.
You may re-apply again when apps reopen

Current Ranks

- General

- SWRP Vice Manager

- Caesar Stabsfeldwebel

- Iniquity Revenant



Past Ranks

- SWRP Event Manager

- Grand Admiral

- 501st EXO

- 212th EXO


- CG Temp Vice Commander


- CG ARC Colonel

- Jedi Watcher

- Jedi Agent

- Jedi Consular

- Hauptamt Köningsplatz Oberbereitshaftsleiter

Finance Oberbereitschaftsleiter


- HLRP Senior Discord Staff



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