[Un-Warn] A topic to get my warnings removed.

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Server you got WARNED from: SCP Role play

Your name in-game: Chris Kleinmann

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:556038392

Admins' name that warned you:  Recruit Talker and SCP-2295

Admin's steamID: (This was not available since these warns where from 5-7 months ago.) But I do have the Warn ID Ticket:  15460 and 13632 

Why did you get Warned?:

1st, One was for ARDM. Basically I was shooting SCP 682 and told everyone to move away from it since I was shooting 40MM Rounds and someone rushed towards SCP-682 and got himself killed and then called a admin sit.

2nd one is for Killing a SCP Anomaly (He was a FA) which the admin counted as RDM since ECM had not been their or SD even THO! HoEA ordered his death and he was not cure able so we just followed the plan. 

Evidence(Un-necessary): (This was not available since these warns where from 5-7 months ago.)

Why do you deserve to be Unwarned?:

1st one was obvious since I told the people to move out the way and instead they rush towards the SCP thinking they can take it down with their fists....

2nd warn was completely was accusations saying I RDM'ed the subject even tho I was ordered to do it by the HoEA and their was no helping him since SCP-500 did not work on him.

Anything else?: N/A

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Why are are you doing this after 5-7 months? Also yeah you need proof

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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The admin that warned you is no longer apart of staff. But I would trust their judgement on that type of punishment. Because of how old the warns are and the admin probably doesn't remember, I just don't see the situation getting any clearer. 


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