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In-Game Name: John Stance

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:430569619

Age: 18

In-Game Time [Proof Required]: 4 weeks 2 days resim_2021-05-08_225106.png.79b75c578a0403e9e521348e8d6f4f57.png

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: HoEA, ISD if it counts, HoMD, E-11 Commander, Nu-7 Sergeant

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: The main reason is i had time to observe and make decisions related to internal section of the site. i both see how other directors did, how did they handled the situations in both normal and critical times. since im in multiple MTFs and ISD i literally know every policy, law, commands, protocols, GOIs, procedures ETC. i also think i have a good reputation on community side too.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?: Site directors main role is, well, obviously direct the site. Give reports to council about hows the site is running. in most cases do what the overseer's say. make sure that every thing is fine and good. get reports from departments, their commander/heads. and maybe command MTF units to a raid on rare occasions. rather than all of those other reasons, directors also can patrol around the site and go see the departments by themselfs, usually because the council says that since LCZ is well know of its chaotic shitness. directors may take the handles of external affairs if theres no HoEA/DoEAA on, usually handling the FAs and surface anomalies.

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council, as known as The overseer's too, is a command council made out of 13 individual. Their identities are higly secret and only known by the highest of all. 
There are no power above them and they have the ultimate control over the foundation thile having unlimited access to entire site.
They allways make the final decision.
They are considered as the Class A personal and have access to CL5 keycards.
They are on top of the chain of command.


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