Wyvern's Old Warns

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My In-Game name: 74th JMO Wyvern

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) STEAM_0:1:434230988

Steam Name: The Prophet Of Dissapointment

What is the reason for your Warn: Multiple Reasons

Name of the staff member who warned you:  Multiple Staff members from the past

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: I believe i should be unwarned because it has been atleast over 1 year. I have changed and matured since then i've had people who hated my guts back then. They are my friends now, i've changed so much since then i think i've proven myself to know how to behave since my last warn. Most more then a year ago and i also have warns that i wouldn't be able to get nowadays since it isnt in the server anymore. I know im not there yet to have a good reputation on the server but like i said. I have improved massively from where i came from I think this would show me that i have improved from my beginnings 

P.S Please take in consideration what i said. I also want to thank everyone who took their time reading this Thread

Evidence: Can be found below

Garry's Mod 10-5-2021 16_10_06.png

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Warnings are things you pick up whilst playing the server. While you may have changed, you still had those warns from a long time ago and people will take that into consideration. 

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