DaftDevil12's Event Planner Application

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In game Name: Matthew Donalds

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:450580279

List of warns: 1989483495_Screenshot(17).thumb.png.d2c11a6c9d435e7875c3fdfad7aeb49c.png

Any previous or current staff experience: i have been event staff on a small swrp server called Olympus Gaming and regular staff on a server called Aurora Servers

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): i can be a very active member of staff and can think of good an entertaining events and i'm a big rule follower and i have a wide range of SCP knowledge  i have a very active imagination so i can come up with events on the spot and i'm very flexible as i understand that events don't always go as planned i always come up with several different ways the event can go so i'm also very prepared

Your event plan: a tree suddenly sprouts from the ground with no warning the Foundation go to secure it once secure there will be some purple fruit sprouting from it if any armed personnel approaches the tree a anomaly would sprout it would appear to be a man made of wood that is attached to the tree by a series of several roots and if the personnel seems to be hostile or attempts to remove the fruit will be killed eventually the kill order of the anomaly will be given once killed they will be asked to take the  fruit to be tested on when the fruit is eaten the subject will feel psychotic rage and will attack anyone close and even themselves if no-one and eventually will turn into a tree sapling and they will be burned instantly  

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Im sorry to say but considering your low playtime of just 3 days, me not knowing you and a hard to make, not long lasting event, ill have to go for a minus with this.

Get some reputation and learn about the general gameplay here. 

76561198326381524.png                                        Hello

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- Not known in community due to low playtime (3 days playtime)

- Not trusted with power of an event planner due to not being known

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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23 minutes ago, Joe Conner said:

- Not known in community due to low playtime (3 days playtime)

- Not trusted with power of an event planner due to not being known

This ^ and,
Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min) => Writes 79 words
Your event plan => Doesn't know how to use commas nor fullstops

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i have never seen you on the server, no clue if you can be trusted with the permissions an event planner has + u wrote 79 words, when it said 200 words min. atleast put a little effort into this application


im max

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-1 too short

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Maybe get some more time and builds up your reputation and your application is 273 words when the app should be at minimum of 1000 words, your at a good start by not having any warns but it would be best to have a reputation on the server and maybe a week or two play time

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old ranks;

who cares




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Sorry mate, I have no clue who you are.


I'm a big fan of events myself, and I believe you will someday, hopefully, make it as an Event Planner.

We need some. 


- Get more known within the community.

- Make the application longer.

- Make it more detailed.

Just some tips, good luck.



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