More regulation on Tusken Raiders

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I think there needs to be more regulation on tusken raiders. A fair amount of people agree that walking around Main base and getting shot by a mountain camping tusken raider because he is raiding isnt fun at all. They turned it basically into DarkRP within star wars universe.


It is a great job and adds fun stuff but there needs to be more regulation. Trainings outside the base as well easily interrupted by tusken raiders rendering it difficult to near impossible.


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I feel like the server turned from StarWarsRP into DarkRP. Rather than doing trainings between events there is now constant chaos and people cant even stand in bunks without being kidnapped, maybe its just too early to comment on the update yet.

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The tusken does need some type of nerf i do agree with you, even making tuskens not be able to work with any other jobs and lower damage would be good as it just ruining a lot of people experience on the server

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Just make it so Tuskans need a reason to shoot someone and can't just kill people at random.  (raiding, ambushing, self defense, protecting their base/territory, being threatened) 

They shouldn't just shoot someone doing a training outside MB or snipe at people in MB for no reason since it's basically suicide and borderline FailRP

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Tusken raiders weapon has been nerfed and they have never been able to kill outside of an Ambush/raid if you see that happen tell staff.

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