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Out of Character Section -

Steam Name: Rex


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:116494739


Current OOC Rank on the server(eg Plat VIP, Mod): Platinum VIP


Age (14 - Minimum):20


What is your playtime (2 Weeks - Minimum): 4months 1day 4hours 31minute


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes and Yes


Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes I have


Do you meet the requirements:  Yes

State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in game and type !warns.) Upload it to or as a steam community screenshot and include the link


In Character Section -

In-Game name: 104st SGT REX

Honour Guard REX


All Previous Ranks Obtained:

501st- Trial Exo

Battalion- Battalion Officer Cadet

 212th - Colonel


GC/41st - LT


Jedi - High Council

What should we pick you for Battalion: I think I should be chosen for battalion as going from starting as a 212th and now to being a 501st Colonel. I feel I have improved so much more being in 501st as a Colonel. Also, I feel I learnt a lot while being 501st Trial Exo. I learnt how to lead in events from being high ranked in regiments before and I feel I can lead a bigger scale of people as I did good before battalion and I am hardworking and willing to put all the work in as battalion and try my best. I was taught how to lead at a lower rank due to people in the past not knowing how by the time they got to major. While in 212th & 501st I learnt a lot about being a team player.

I left 501st and found a place in Jedi where I learnt and grew more as a person and try my best o help improve anything I could I enjoyed my time there and I rose to a high rank and found myself being on the council and learning how to make things better. As a master I learnt a lot more I learnt to deal with different things like how to correctly punish something for breaking rule but to be just and treat everyone with the same respect they treated me with I all tried my best to maintain a professional viewpoint and never treated anyone special.

I am a very understanding person and value other people’s opinions which makes things easier for everyone. I also want to help the training of the clones to make them the best they can be and be prepared for anything that happens. I am also exceptionally good at communicating with other which will help me when I am leading events and consider what to do with a clone who is out of line. If I am ordered to do someone like lead an event or do a training I will never say no as I will always give everything 100% even if I’m no good at it as I always love trying my best and learning and become the best I can. I believe if there is no one on to train clones or cadet I can be the one to stop and help. Another thing I can help the troopers who do not understand the server rules and if they are doing anything wrong, I can help them understand why what they are doing is wrong.

I am continually active and dedicate to what I do. I have had experience leading everyone in events before which can help me and seen many other leads and took notes on how to improve my own skills in leading which can help me if I am accepted for battalion. And now I have increased my knowledge of different regiments which will help me a lot in battalion if I become a supervisor. I tried before but got denied and now feel like I am ready to take on a job with more responsibility and help the clone army in every RP situation. I can be a serious player in and out of character which can be especially important. I have read through the handbook and will try hard not to break any rules, but I know I have made mistake everyone has. I would very much like the chance to show everyone I am worth battalion again.

Since being demoted from battalion i have learnt a lot of new things while being in 501st then moving on the become a high ranking jedi where I learnt that not all is what it seems, but I learnt to work alongside people and get things done with order and collect myself I made a few mistakes but amended and tried my hardest to fix them. After being demoted from battalion itself it honestly got me thinking hard and I have improved myself a lot. I start to become a great leader while being in battalion before so I am hoping i can become a better once if I’m ever accepted back in.



Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: The roles and responsibilities of being Battalion are to lead events and act like Commanding officers on base and in Combat if leading or if necessary. They must look like they have everything under control on the base and off base.

They make show and teach discipline and not to break any rules If there are any clones messing about, they should talk to him and make sure he understands what he is doing wrong and warn him not to do it again depending on what the matter is. If the clone repeats the offence, he must be punished accordingly. Battalion should always remain strict while attending battalion duties. Also, battalion members should be always ready to help in combat situation to avoid losing a load of clones. Always to listen to the battalion leading the event if it is not themselves. Battalion member should always do Mando’s to help training all clones and host sims to prepare all clones for attacks from enemies. Also, battalion member should always give clear orders.



Have you ever been demoted or strike in any regiment: yes I have been demoted once which was  from battalion for me being an idiot and messing about on VIP Jobs but I have learnt from past mistakes and can ensure it  will never happen again.


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Yes I understand.


What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading: You should be helping the regiments you are supervising and aid them with your arsenal and combat skills in every way possible. Also if the leading Battalion member tells you to go oversee a regiment you must obey his command and this doesn’t mean you are to command the regiment about but help them if they are searching a building your allowed to tell them where to search so that they don't get lost or look in the wrong places.


What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session: The first is to Successfully lead a base attack and then the second objective is to call and do a debrief. The last objected is to do a training of some sort with faces, formations and question like a Mando.


What rank can the Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up to:

 Can promote and demote up to Captain

What rank and above can use two pieces of Regimental Equipment:

Battalion Colonel+

Anything else: I want to thank you for taking your time to look at my application and taking the time to consider me as I know these things take time. I will always try to do my best and accept when I’m doing things wrong or need any help.

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We unfortunately don't think you are the best fit for battalion. For more information about your denial message Admiral or below.
You may re-apply again when apps reopen

Current Ranks

- General

- SWRP Vice Manager

- Caesar Stabsfeldwebel

- Iniquity Revenant



Past Ranks

- SWRP Event Manager

- Grand Admiral

- 501st EXO

- 212th EXO


- CG Temp Vice Commander


- CG ARC Colonel

- Jedi Watcher

- Jedi Agent

- Jedi Consular

- Hauptamt Köningsplatz Oberbereitshaftsleiter

Finance Oberbereitschaftsleiter


- HLRP Senior Discord Staff



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