Rez's 2nd Unban request

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My In-Game name:

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) 76561199047620283

Steam Name: Fame

What is the reason for your ban: Hacking

How long were you banned for: Perma

Name of the staff member who banned you: Spades

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Ok First of all i would like to Apologize to Spades, i am so sorry for making you seem like the bad guy in the situation, when in reality you did the best you could and now i realize that so thank you for trying to do the best you could, i would also like to apologize for my immaturity over the time of playing WG i am very sorry for that, Also Rogue i am very sorry for being a dick to you as well i regret my decisions however over the time of me being banned  and my time from the server i believe I have matured a lot now and i feel like i deserve a second chance to redeem myself and become a member of the community again as i enjoyed my time playing WG. As i said i am so so so despondent to all the people Like JH that i have been a dick too. but i really want a second chance and to play WG again. 

I Enjoyed my time playing WG i learnt a lot and made friends and would love to come back i do know i have made bad decisions and being immature but i joined the server when i was 13 and now 15 turning 16 very soon as i said i am so sorry to everyone that i have been a dick too i hope you forgive me and if you dont i will assure you i will make it up to you if you give me a second chance. You might say i haven't admitted to anything however there is nothing to admit to but to only say sorry to the people i have offended. 

Like i said i really want to play Garrys mod again and to be apart of your community again and i am very sorry for the things i have said in the past. I know i haven't wrote a lot but there really isn't that much to say exempt im Appologetic.

I really hope you take this into consideration thank you for reading my unban request

Evidence: Sadly N/A

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+1, I always said throughout the process of Rez's ban that it was most likely freak luck, Rez with what integrity he holds openly admitted that he did infact hack on Counter Strike, which is a different kettle of fish altogether, however still maintaining and sticking to his guns that he didnt not actually hack on GMOD, which is understandable..

Note: the hacks used on CS were Wallhacks, not aimbot. He was accused of Aimbot on GMOD..

In all honesty Rez has had mixed opinions from the community, however despite some minor mishaps towards the end of his time in 501st he hasn't actually been that toxic, or detrimental to the server. Despite some childish comments made towards the Server Manager in a previous unban appeal, which in all honesty I can kind of understand as he has stuck to his word of not Hacking in GMOD.

There was significantly less evidence available and less surveying conducted upon Rez, albeit an attempt at a reconstruction of the events. I myself was on the receiving end of that 1v3 clutch situation could even admit it was a lapse in judgement from me, perhaps even from the other two. Rez has had enough time to mature and evidently has learned from his prior actions I think he deserves another chance.

TL:DR - won a freak clutch, doesn't mean he's a big aimbotter and has learned to stop acting like a complete child about things, even when he believes he's in the right - something others should do also.

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Gonna be honest, hacked or not. You were a mong to quite alot of people including me, the only people who you weren't Disrespecting were the people who were higher than you. Your attitude was an absolute shitter, not saying you hacked or not as i don't remember the video and cba to check it again but, if you hacked then oh well, lying won't do you good, if not then yeah maybe unban him


If you get unbanned somehow, try to lower the shitty attitude to others and maybe they will welcome you back

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I'm gonna give you a +1

In my opinion the evidence based upon which you were banned was inconclusive. The video was shot from far away, if it was 1st person we could have gotten a much better grasp of what happened. When people said "Look hes locking onto them behind barricades" could be easily explainable, you just knew they were there, either you could have seen them or heard them shooting, so basically spatial awareness which any decent CSGO player has. As for the aim (keep in mind that all 3 opponents were very low HP, so it didn't take much to kill them), the aim was sick ngl, but nothing that spectacular that warrants the use of cheats, just because he flicked to the opponent doesn't mean its cheats straight away, that could be explained very simply with good aim and a bit of luck. So no I don't think you were using either aim assistance nor visual assistance. Especially with what happened with Little John, and also the fact that the match was spectated, by several admins in noclip or spectate and about 20 clones from outside.

On the other side, you attitude. Frankly childish behaviour from you on discord after you were banned and also you're last unban request was unserious, but from what I read on this app you feel genuinely sorry about the things that you have done, and you also apologised to people you offended.


When I hit some nutty shots I don't want to be banned, and when I get called a hacker by my opponents I take it as a compliment. Dish33 BestAwprEvr

Well that's my little nugget of wisdom, gl


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Just like Victor said, you were extremely toxic, and overall not someone nice to be arround with, but i mean, the memories i have of you is when i was a toxic idiot myself, so ill let that part slide, tbf people are just making it look like you were lucky by putting a lot of ifs, imo you were hacking, but if you regret hacking (in case you didnt then thats fine) and regret being toxic, then i would like you to be unbanned

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There was no definitive proof he hacked to begin with, and whilst i agree the footage looks like its likely he did im inclined to think that his utter determination to stick to saying he didn't makes me want to believe him. Sound lad for the most part before the incident and deserves his redemption.


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Hello Rez I am now Kit Fisto hope you get unbanned so I can show you my tentacles 

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You are sticking to your guns that you didn't, and like I said when we banned you we couldn't be 100% sure but literally every person we asked and showed the videos too gave the same response that they thought you were.

Whether you were or not, I still can't say 100% and only you really know.

Also seems like people want to give you a second chance so, don't fuck it up.

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