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OOC Karaoke something event?

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Your RP name: Lyren Trou

You in-game rank and level: Plat VIP lv 50

Your steam ID: 76561198326381524 // STEAM_1:0:183057898
A general overview of the event: Lets have some kind of open standup comedy karaoke event. 
Just set up a nice little stage with some seats and somewhen at evening (not too late).

People could sing, tell jokes and whatnot.

How long will you expect the event to last?: Not longer than two hours

How many members of staff will need to be involved?: One would be enough to ensure noone is making it unpleasant for others

Will any SCP's need to be breached?: Negative

What weapons, NPC's or abilities will be used?: None. Well, maybe 3D radios

Step by step process describing what will happen at each stage of the event: 
SMT would announce the event a week earlier on discord and give people following template:

What are you planning to do:
How long will you take:
Do you need any assistance (other people/music etc):
Can you guarantee that you will be doing what you said if you are online:

People can send in their entries and SMT/general staff gets an overview of how many people want to do something and what is going to happen. According to this, further planning would have been done (like in which order who gets to perform etc)
Two days before the event starts, the date and time should be given out on discord with a list of who presents when.
People get the opportunity to join (preferably someone with access, adds a teleport position with command, accessible for everyone during the event like /karaoke and the command gets announced)

Once a reasonable amount of people have teleported over, the first performance would start.
If someone is volunteering to play as moderator, he could always announce who is going to be next up and what he will be doing. Maybe bump in a cheesy joke every now and then. I might be volunteering to do this myself.
People can leave or join (do the command) whenever they want simply by switching off their job from class d or civilian, to any other or to job. (why the fuck is this white)

What RP groups (if any) will be used during the event?: OOC Event

Will any SWEPs such as C4 need to be used?: Negative

Additional notes:
Dont shitstorm on me. Its a simple event idea with not much behind. Just some fun for people to have if run properly. I do see this most certainly getting denied too, you dont need to tell me. 
Thank you for your attention and have a good week!

76561198326381524.png                                        Hello

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On 5/30/2021 at 4:06 AM, Tikomatura - Lyren Trou said:

People could sing

I think you forgot what server you're playing 


Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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