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What your suggestion is: Holocomm is basically a skype call where you can messeage a person, call a person you can see the person surroundings and it gets a nice RP Immersion for example: GA wants to speak to someone he can take out the holocomm dial the person and talk to the person about stuff it got some great Passive RP into, High Command calls from events, Secret missions that RC and ARC might do and no one else can see. Like let's also say a Event happend, we need to find a missing supply there is death everywhere, then when you get to the site located it you can then dial the battalion in charge of operation, and tell him you got the intel, i know its basically the same functions as just doing [CG-Batt] but this is just better RP in my opinion.

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: Thanks for reading 

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Looks really cool but not really sure how much this would actually be used. Who would get this? 

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Comms work Perfectly fine for Mission

It would be awesome to call someone

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Would be cool for high ranking to call each other.
Small file size

Don't know if it is really necessary? 

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It looks very cool and has an extremely small file size but idon't know how often it would be used.

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It seems cool but I feel like it'll only be used for cringe scenarios such as.. Ahem "Greetings Jedi"

Then again, It saves me walking to MB to talk to someone so could be cool. Idk.

It is a small file size so I wouldn't see an issue of it being added


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Although its does look very cool there is very few situations when it would be used and would most likely lag the server when used.

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