Star Wars Mortar

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Would be a great Addition to the Server, 212th would love this.

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I thought of suggesting removing the timed fuse on the grenade cannon rounds to be used like mortars, but with this, it looks so much cooler.
It has a pretty low file size as well which is nice.

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Can't wait for 212th to break the Geneva convention but "accidentally" mortaring churches and hospitals,

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+1 for mortar to be added

but dont see it getting used that much, maybe only in last stands like ryloth, rhen var or Mygeeto. Since in base attacks and planetarys clones push all the time and there would be no time to use mortar since by the time you set it up to clear up whatever area you want, it will be already done by pushing clones.

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It looks very cool but it will see very little use and it seems very complicated to use, I don't really think 212th or EPs will want to have to convert meters to milliradians every time they want to shoot and by the time they have, their target is probably dead or gone out of the original range they converted.


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