Archer's Unban Request.

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My In-Game name: Battalion 2nd LT Archer


Steam Name:   Ellis4149 

What is the reason for your ban: MRDM

How long were you banned for: It was for 6 days [At time]

Name of the staff member who banned you: SOD Boss

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:

I believe i should be Unbanned is due to the Fact that it wasn't MRDM.

After being able to capture a "Sith" that went and killed multiple clones, we brought him to the brig to take him out quietly. If both Stack, Cobalt, Aleks there to my side. I shot the tanks and everyone exploded. This was the Plan but it went sideways, The Idea was to blow the "Sith" up with the Explosives as it was a quick and easy way. We prepared and took the fatal shot.

berfore that though I told everyone to leave the area before the explosion to happen but they stayed . I then made sure everyone was ready and from there exploded the kerosene and blew the room up, With this everyone had the chance to leave but they didn't with that everyone was fine and was laughing at the situation, 


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Doesnt really matter if you told people to leave or whatever, you arent allowed to kill prisoners without RA+ permission...
thought you would have known this as a battalion member

also thanks for saving me the trouble of linking the video of you mass rdming


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47 minutes ago, Archer said:



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Didn't even get permission to kill him so doesn't really matter whether you told people to leave or not. If you even did tell them to leave, you should wait, but you weren't meant to kill them anyways????????????????????????????????????????????????



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-1 There is little to no justification for what you did OOC or IC.

IC - you have no authority to execute prisoners, nor do RC via the use of anything but their own weapons and without others.

OOC - The only justification I could see being viable is "Whoops Missclick" and even at that, its a poor show. You've been warned countless times about using your RPG and have killed countless friendlies aswell. Not just by staff but also by the playerbase and you more often than not decided it would be best to argue and attempt to defend yourself than to accept the fact that you were in the wrong. I would maybe expect this from a new 212th SO, but not from a Battalion 2nd Lieutenant. You fucked up and now have to face the consequences. 

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Hello User,

After reading your ban appeal i am going to have to -1 for many reasons. One of the main reasons is your permission to kill the person was none existent. You of all people have played the sever long enough to know that RA + can execute prisoners. IF there is no RA + then the highest RC on can kill a prisoner. They cannot grant the killing of the prisoner they can just do it themselves. As a battalion 2nd LT you shouldn't really be anywhere near an RC interrogation what so ever. Furthermore whether you told people to leave the area or not is irrelevant you shouldn't of been the one to shoot those kerasone tanks in the first place as like i previously stated it is an RA + descion to kill the prisoner. Overall just because the tanks where there does not grant you permission to shoot them whether it be funny or not it is still a MRDM ban.


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Wrong Thread mate



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why would you even think about shooting tanks when clones are nearby....bruh kinda retard moment, also only 6 days just wait it out

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I was there so guess i'll have to leave a reply here

As mentioned above, only an RA+ can give permission for prisoner execution, if not then RC can do it, however this does not mean RC can give permission to others iirc.


You did infact RPG the explosive tanks that were placed below me, yes you did tell people to leave but you still shot anyways, it's common sense to wait til everyone is out first to shoot, that is if you had permission from an RA in the first place.

You killed alotta people so yeah it was a justified ban

Also one thing that i hate about this thread is the fact you mentioned people with you and a video that didn't include evidence aswell as people in it, honestly seems like you wanted to get people in shit with you imo

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Sorry chief but even if you did tell the others to leave, you still did blow them up.  That and you weren't supposed to execute the guy in the first place.

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The ban was justified, many people commented on the thread with good reasons to not unban you so use them as reasons. Just wait out the ban.

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