Jendo's Head Research Officer Application...

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Out of Character Section:

Steam Name:

susi vidal #1 fan

Steam ID:


Current OOC Rank on the server (Eg Plat VIP):

Super Admin

Age (14 - Minimum)


What is your playtime?:

4mo 2w 5d 16h 19m.

Have you read through the Researcher Division Handbook?:

I have, I infact played a key part in creating it.

Do you meet all the requirements?:

I believe I am somewhat overqualified.

State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warnings. (Go in game and type !warns.) Upload it to or as a steam community screenshot and include the link


In Character Section:

In-Game name:(Regiment, Rank, Name)

Grandmaster Yoda / RRD ADV R / RC Auxiliary F60

All Previous Ranks Obtained:(Highest Per Regiment)

GC VC - Temp CMDR, 74th Temp Deputy Medical Officer, OS Squad Leader, Grandmaster Yoda.

What role are you applying for:

Head Research Officer

What makes you a good pick for the role: (200 Words - Minimum)

Well, I believe that in my time on the server I have achieved many feats however those I have enjoyed the most have to be my time partaking in passive RP, whether that be RC Interrogations or Jedi happenings. My experience is second to none and I have what it takes to build this from the ground up, as I already have via helping making the required documents and concepts. I previous experienced from my short time spent as a temporary 74th DMO as well as overseeing many research experiments as RC. Now I understand what I am sacrificing in order to potentially obtain this role but I have full confidence of the current High Council and Masters to continue the great efforts and progress we have made collectively. My time in GC and of course, RC as most of you will know speak volumes. As well as my other exploits during my time on the server. The role I played in the creation of the RRD & Regimental medics allows me to have an edge on other applicants as I understand most, if not all inner and outer workings of the RRD. As many of you know and as many of you may call bias, me and the Head Medical Officer served together in RC and had many memorable moments which we sometimes shared with those out with RC and I would like to offer these pleasantries to the server once more. Furthermore despite popular belief I do not actually enjoy combat that much in the server and as mentioned prior, during my time in RC I often opted for the passive options such as interrogating prisoners or protecting VIPs which is why I believe this role is best suited for me. 

Describe the roles and responsibilities of the role you are applying for:

The Head of Research must lead the RRD, focusing on bettering the war effort via medical developments and enhancements in clones, their main focus should be monitoring the divisions performance both in and out of events and of course, their general activity. He has the authority to promote and demote to any ranks within the RRD meaning they will also be tasked with the interviews for the RRD. Bottom line is the main objective is to focus on medical research and may take control when hostile diseases are spread across the battlefield. Their expertise is second to none in the field of medical practice.

Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment: (If so, explain why)


List every rank of Medical Corps Command rank and what they do:

HRO, see above.
FMO must oversee all regimental medics and ensure they are fighting fit and ready to keep their fellow soldiers sustained in battle. 
HMO will oversee and aid both of the aforementioned to further the republics war effort. Both in and out of combat.

What is combat healing:

Combat healing is the act of sustaining someone's HP whilst they are under and exposed to continuous fire.

What is healing priority:

Healing priority is the order in which you would heal soldiers infront of you.

Anything else:

Thank you for reading it, and I understand my sacrifice in making this application, please dont remind me when responding to it.

Edited by Jendo
Changed my rank, approved by MC

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And a bunch of other shit no one cares about...

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Huge +1

Has Experience and is Trustworthy

And as he already stated in his Application: he played a Keypart in the Creation of the RRD


spacer.pngSeth was here

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I mean, I don't want him to go as Yoda. It's been a dynamic duo at the top of HC. But I do believe he will put the mind of what is needed forward. Putting him in as Yoda was to some a bit crazy but he has done a good job and it'll be sad to see him gone but I feel like he will do a good job non the less, Best of luck



dance yoda.gif

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Do I really need to say why?


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During his short time as a DMO he was did really amazingly and I think he would do great as well in this role. He does well in any rank given to him. 

- He has shown intrest in the RP side of things which he even said to me and in the RC and Researcher things we have done in the past he was always did well and made it more fun for everyone. 

- I think he would be a really great choice for this role

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You have been accepted into your chossen position. Contact the Head Medical Officer for your induction.


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