CT Sunov/Beef's Unban request

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My In-Game name:
CT Suno, or something along the lines of that.


Steam Name: 

What is the reason for your ban:
Excessive minging, I managed to accumulate around 15 warns over the period of  a few months and the final straw was an RDM case.

How long were you banned for:
I'm permanently banned, and have been since October last year.

Name of staff member that banned you:

Why do I believe I should be unbanned:
Well I'd certainly say I've vastly matured since my time on W-G, which sounds generic for an unban request but I'm not entirely sure what to say other than I miss the server. As there's nothing that really equates to the same scale or quality of W-G in a SWRP server, making me realise the multitude of mistakes I committed.
I'm genuinely sorry for my actions, and just simply want to return to the server as I really enjoyed my experience. I don't have any intent to minge again on the server as all of that is behind me in the past, and hopefully if I do get unbanned my behaviour on the server will reflect my statement about change.


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Seems genuinely sorry and deserves a second chance. Obviously the permaban was given for a reason though, and I think it's only fair to other past permabanned players that you are watched carefully.

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I don't recall the incident but I can assure you every permanent ban I had handed out during that time would've been approved by the SMT. You must've been frequently violating the rules and were punished accordingly. However, I would not mind you receiving a second chance.

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This guy knew his mistakes, hes not put out a bullshit reason for a unban appeal and was straight forward and apologised.

He deserves a second chance


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who cares




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You should give him another chance


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As stated in another unban appeal i commented on should be given a second chance however watched closely by the staff team on thin lines

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A fair amount of time has passed since your ban date, as with all unbans you will be closely watch by a staff member and if caught breaking rules further you risk being banned permanently again.

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