New base map [RP_Arquitens]

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What your suggestion is:  New base map

Scriptfodder/workshop link:
Any additional information: Bunks There is enough room for all regiments and more to have a reasonable amount of space. [ Atleast 10 / 12 Clones ] 6 Infront near the front airlock and some around the ship and base Cadet Area Reasonable size, May be hard to fit the formations in.

Medbay & Brig Medbay:

Main Base:

The Main base has a decent area with sim rooms and MHB along with a teleporter to the ship.

The Arquitens Light Crusier:

 This is the ship you spawn in, It has the bunks and a very cool generator room along with a bar , Medbay and brig.

Random City in a corner:
[Photos didn't save] It has a cave area for the mining and jedi caves. Aswell as many buliding for kidnnaping or mugging.

P.S : Archer helped with photos since im to lazy to do ragdoll work


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In the past i've almost suggested this map, because of how nice it looks however after looking at the map more closely its a very unoptimized map rendering the entire map pretty much where ever you are, would probably be fine for 50-60 people but for 128 just no.

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I really like this map, however as Key says it is very unoptimized but might be worth adding if you want something for late night such as monsglacia

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+1 for the map it looks nice and yes we do need more all types of maps


however what key said is pretty clear cut if its not optimised for atleast 100 players then its unplayable


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This map can be used as a event map, I looked at a long time ago, and it has a surprisingly large snow map below it 

You can use this map as a smallish event map with a pushes either to the ground hangers or the city and even assault the ship from the ground 

the ship is way to small for normal usage, their aren’t enough bunks and the cc room on it if i rember correctly can’t hold everything we used on the sever

no idea on the optimisation but I can tell you that 100 players on the ship for long amount of time  will  cause problems

( I don’t play on the sever anymore so not gonna post a opinion) 

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After looking at the map the base and the ship are too small to be used as a base map, the actual base on the ground has virtually nothing of importance. Although it has a very nice village it is too unoptimized to be used as a planetary map.

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