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Unwarn Request for a Missclick

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My In-Game name:Hesh

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:5787338

Steam Name:Kanser 

What is the reason for your warn: ARDM

Name of the staff member who banned you:Loaf 

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:So it was the Rishi Moon event where Heavy sacrificed hismelf meanwhile when we were trasnported to a cutscene room where everyone was invisible I accidently clicked left mouse button and I had my E-5c out resulted in someone getting shot I didnt know it happend until I got warned so yeah it was just a accident and I didnt meant to do it missclicks happen and as a bit of a clumsy person myself I got warned for ARDM. To make it much more detailed I was going to scroll up to pull out my keys but my finger went to the scroll then my finger went to the Left mouse button 

Evidence:since it was 2 months ago I dont have any evidence

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If was just a misclick then okay, but I doubt you'd get warned for a single shot. Don't know why you waited 2 months though.

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1 hour ago, Shepherd said:


If was just a misclick then okay, but I doubt you'd get warned for a single shot. Don't know why you waited 2 months though.

forgot that I got the warn XD and yes I got warned for a Misclick by loaf at the moment when Rex was going to kill the droid at the Rishi moon at around 7 o clock If I remember correctly 


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Ok so originally it was supposed to be me who warned you, but cause sams had just been added to the server, senior mods couldn't warn so I had to tell loaf to do it for me, the reason you got warned for ARDM wasn't because of a misclick it's because other people including yourself was shooting each other when the cutscene was about to start, while staff/event staff was telling everyone to be quite for the up coming cut-scene, of course it happened awhile ago ago so i don't have the combat log anymore however I do remember looking at yours and seeing you shoot someone multiple times, which is why you got warned. 

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What key said, It was a main-storyline so would expect for you to behave appropriately for it. Especially being an EC. You did get a warn before everyone was TP'd to the spectating area to be cloaked ready for the scene, you should've stopped shooting or get out your keys after the initial warnings. 




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Since key and Loaf had already stated the important part I am going to state mine. I very much believe that Key and Loaf are saying the truth on what happened not only because they are staff members, but also because I have seen you minge quite a lot. At one point when you were getting arrested in RO and being transported to MB you switched seats, which resulted in your death and I doubt that you did it by accident, overall you are a quite mingy person in general.

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When it comes to main storyline events, you need to be on your best behavior and clearly you weren't and ended up getting warned. If you are going to apply for an unwarn request, make sure you are being 100% truthful next time please.

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