Tusken Raider Weapon Suggestion

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What your suggestion is: Give the Tusken a blaster pistol.
Scriptfodder/workshop link: n/a

Any additional information: Give the Tusken a blaster pistol as they only have a sniper therefor in a close range situation they cant do anything otherwise they will be close range sniping.This could be something like the DT-12 Blaster pistol or anything really doesnt really matter.

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This is a great idea, even if it's something that isn't very strong but can be used in close range. At this time in close range all they have to do is to try and get somewhere they could snipe and it is not classed as close range sniping.


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dont want them to have a one hit gun or the ability to shoot me from across the map


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Tusken Raiders will have a pistol made for them and close range sniping will now apply to them.

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